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    Quote Originally Posted by Adt View Post
    That's my exact build every time I play 3v3. Works so well :3
    You have to admit that much lifeleech is pretty ridiculous though :P

    And that poppy build looks fun. Tend to build her AP in Dominion for insta-gibs with charge.

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    i dont tend to go troll builds in my games, but some of my friends decided tank TF was good.
    And another decided to go boots of mobility and 5 mana crystals on morde... He got a quad...Killsteal.

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    I did an AD Zilean build with a few friends in a random pubstomp once. His auto attacks already hit pretty hard for a caster, so i randomly grabbed an IE and went from there. It was hilarious, i was fed as hell so with a PD and his perma-sprint he was impossible to escape from, and i just right clicked on people and watched the insane crits. Wish I took a screenshot now =(

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    Tried AD Lux in a bot game xD She did quite alot of damage when combining it with her passive ability XD

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    Phantom Dancer
    Frozen Mallet
    Atmas Impaler
    Leviathan (max stacks)

    i forgot my k/d that dominion, but i got at least 30+ kills and only like 5 deaths.

    All credit for this sig goes to JustintimeSS

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    i filled all slots with boots of speed because we were losing and 1 person felt like feeding instead of giving up -.-

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    Stacking ArchAngels on Kog back when the passive wasn't unique was amusing.

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