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    Quest: Heart of Flame

    Hey i was just wondering if anyone can confirm if siphoning the essences from bosses and looting the heart from Ragnaros is only for heroic mode or if it also works on normal mode?


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    You get a special AoE damaging buff in normal Rag to make it slightly more difficult. Basically you just sit in the middle of the room. Siphoning works fine on normal.

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    what he said ^

    I just started siphoning this past week you get 7 per boss on normal 25.

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    You cannot siphon N-Ragnaros (unless they changed something?). Like the two above posters have stated, every 30 seconds or so you will get a ~ 5 second long debuff called Rage of Ragnaros that knocks all players within 8 yards away and does pretty significant fire damage. The debuff does not exist on heroic mode.

    I also believe that the fire does no damage when you attempt to loot the heart in the middle of the lava pool.

    Edit: This is a bug. If you reach phase four on Heroic and then switch it to normal on a later attempt, then the magma will do no damage.
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    You can't siphon Heroic Rag for souls the only thing you do is after you get 250 souls is you get the heart from him.
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    Yes, you can loot the heart from normal Ragnaros and you can siphon Smoldering Essences from any normal bosses, except for Ragnaros because he doesn't leave a corpse.
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