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    disc - how much spirit do you raid with?

    Im just wondering how much spirit is good for raids and also how much crit/mastery/haste is good too

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    Based on my own preferences:

    359ilvl 2500spi+
    375ilvl 2200spi
    385ilvl 2000spi

    The more intellect you have on your items, the less spirit is needed for comfortable raiding. This is based on my own preferences and may not be true.
    + depends whether you have SoW or not. With this trinket, value of spirit drops significantly.

    Experience: 10man 7/7H (6/7 pre-nerf)

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    Our main disc priest reckons he has 2800spirit, which is alot.

    My alt Disc priest has 1950 which is a tad low.

    Most numbers I see range between 2100-2250
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    I do normal 10s on my disc with

    2388 spirit
    1813 mastery
    871 crit
    and only 415 haste

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    the more spirit the better ;D

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    I raid with 3074 spirit, I dont reforge into spirit but also don't reforge spirit into something else.
    I take non-spirit items if they have more intellect then my current item.

    With this amount of spirit I cleared 7/7HC and I felt really comfortable with my mana in every fight. I can spam quick heals when needed without having instant mana problems
    which can be raid saving.

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    I'm raiding with 2100 and it feels about right for me.

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    ATM 2444.

    I could go lower specially now with nerfed content.
    I had around 2350 spirit as well in t11 when i didnt had t12 2 set but 4set t11.

    In the process of getting more int and lower spirit further to around 2300 which is a number that worked wonders in t11 and for now it works good in t12 even tho im a bit higher than i want to be.

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    This may not be relevant, but on my alt priest which I do normal firelands with I'm running with around 2300 spirit at the moment. It's working out fine in normal modes, though I'm not sure how well it'd work in heroic in her gear as I feel her intellect and mana pool is too low to drop more spirit in favour of raw throughput.
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    I have high spirit (~2800-3100), but I'm planning to reduce that a bit.
    I'm Shadow most of the time and usually heal encounters on heroic for the first time. Also, I don't have the cheaper instant heals and no regen trinkets, since I'm the one taking whichever role the absent healer would have filled and dislike to change my spec for every fight I have all the utility talents for tank healing and for raidhealing. (I don't get much time to adapt to the bosses, I don't want to have to adapt to changed talents on top of that.)
    More mana simply means more leeway for me.

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    375 ilvl

    1770 spirit (can't reforge away more with my current gear without screwing up my shadow gear too)
    + Tsunami (= 400)
    + FoM (1926 *15 / 60 = 481)

    So 2650 minus whatever loss i get from FoM not procing on cooldown.

    Using alchemy stone for faceroll fights :P

    Edit: Oh and...

    Haste: 1603 (12.52% unbuffed - nice stopping point for the extra ticks on hymns and renew if you ever use that :P)
    Crit: 1165 (18.31% unbuffed)
    Mastery: 1087 (14.06, 35%)
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    Using EoBP and Jaws, so no Spirit procs there (Power Torrent + Lightweave also).

    I have 2250 Spirit, not intentionally, that's just what I found myself comfortable on. I have to pick Haste over Mastery as I find myself Shadow in a lot of the hard modes and quite a few pieces of my Shadow set are from my healing set, sadly. I only actually heal Beth'tilac and Shannox :X

    I heal in the Arena
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    2500 spirit (was at 2800 then reforged) - no spirit procs from trinkets / using EoBP + Shard
    17.5 mastery
    13.9 crit
    10.5 haste

    I was thinking of reforging for a little more haste a week ago for h.rag but I don't think I need to anymore. I use the same gear/forges for disc & holy - I just try to keep it nicely balanced.

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    I raid 10 mans as the main tank healer and after the nerf patch we just started moving into heroics, normal modes at the moment I have no issues with mana but now that we have moved into heroics I have noticed the lack of spirit and mana regen.

    Spirit: 1351
    Mastery: 17.16%
    Crit: 22.48%
    Haste: 8.89%

    I don't have any spirit proc abilities or trinkets either, I was running with about 2k spirit due to tsunami and one or two other items before the last patch, tbh mana only becomes slightly more of an issue but I still haven't run out.

    As for how low it should be I would say around 2k to have a good balance.

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    I'm currently 386 equipped with 7532 base int, running with 2312 Spirit, 2163 Haste, 1115 Mastery, 535 Crit as a raid healer. Pre-nerfs I was running closer to 2.5-2.6k since Beth was usually a pain on my mana, but now it's a joke to heal through so mana hasn't been an issue on any fight. I know could drop my spirit some more, but this is a comfortable amount for me so I'd rather have a bit higher spirit than to have too low of spirit for my comfort.

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    Honestly, you don't need that much spirit at all. I'm 6/7 heroic, parse consistently, and run with 1300 spirit, reforging EVERYTHING away from spirit, I use the egg from Direbrew and Jaws of Defeat for trinkets (Would switch Jaws for Alysrazor trinket). I go for all throughput stats, we 2 heal every fight but Beth, and we have no issues with healing ever.

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    1476 (+ Darkmoon Card)

    Even that's too much in my opinion but I already forged every bit of spirit into crit and mastery I could.
    If you manage your Rapture cooldown well you don't really need to worry about any spirit and can reforge everything away from it.
    And everything above 2000 is major overkill.
    And yes, I raided 10-man heroic prenerf. No, I didn't have mana problems at Baleroc hc with two healers.

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    I see so many priest with different amounts of spirit (high as 3300 and as low as 1300) all saying they are fine with their spirit. Same with people going haste or mastery (although crit seems to be the same to most). Since when was a spec go with whatever you want? lol

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    Since the only use for spirit is in fact mana regen I think the only "limit" we have to consider is the lowest one since that's obviously the point from which on it's fine.
    I'd say that limit is at approx. 1000 spirit. Everything above that does of course give you more mana for Flash Heals or whatever but you have to consider that you could achieve MUCH more throughput if you reforged it into other stats.
    The mana regen resulting from a high spirit stat sounded tempting to me as well. I lost about 100k mana in a fight like Baleroc when I starting forging away from spirit. But I didn't notice it at all. 100k mana may sound like much but when you notice that you get more than enough mana if you make the most out of Rapture you'll never want to go back to a high spirit stat again.

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    I'm too high with 2500+DMC:T, but I've been stacking haste (@1400), keeping mastery around 14 points. I happen to be running with undergeared healers and tanks currently, so more leeway to do more emergency healing is a good thing for now.

    My crit is also 666, which I thoroughly enjoy.

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