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    ilvl 386

    spirit 2108
    haste 13.53
    crit 19.04
    mastery 13.94

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    Wow, it sounds like I also unintentionally have more spirit than most. I am at ilevel 378 with 2973 Spirit and 1799 Haste. I have been trying to get more haste and reforging for the same (including a recent race change to goblin!) and have intended to start picking up some non-spirit items. We are 4/7 Heroic FL, and I haven't had any mana issues so I don't think I would miss the spirit.

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    I have 2769 spirit as human disc at around 385 ilvl with SoW/Eye hc trinkets at 7/7 hc. I could probably go with less but I have no need for more throughput as all the fights were nerfed. I usually just pick up as much int as I can (even if that includes non-spirit pieces) and then go spirit>other stats for the rest.

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    If i had SoW, the only spi i would have would be my teir pieces

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    Ive got about 2.7k spirit, 2k haste. Thats because i have to be able to be holy and disci, for holy spirit ist musthave, and haste is the stat that both proit from very nicely (mastery would work aswell but i prefer haste)

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    This is just so... wrong. ?

    I hope Blizzard makes Spirit the only regen stat, as it should be and Intellect the pewpew stat. Rapture, Revitalize, Replenish etc should be based on Spirit. There shouldn't be healing classes not very dependant on "the regen stat", makes no sense.

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    ilevel 376
    2270 spirit
    1878 haste
    860 crit
    910 mastery

    Trinks are jaws and egg.
    I have plenty of regen for all fights we're trying atm (early heroics).

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    I run with 1975 + the doll. ilvl 382. A bit too much, but I always prefer to have some mana left at the end of combat and be prepared for occasional mistakes. (in 25HC, haven't done Rag yet). Wish I had SoW.

    It depends so much (raid size, other healers, tank or raid healing etc). A matter of comfort IMO.

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    I think to me, I always keep in mind that I'm gearing toward MY playstyle. MY playstyle I tend to go through mana a lot more. So I have higher spirit than a lot of people. Others who play a different way can gear a different way and still do very well. At one point in one of my raids, we had 3 disc priests. One of us was gearing crit/haste, one haste/spi, one mastery/crit. We all did roughly the same hps, but had different spell breakdowns. Just gear for how you play and be logical about it and life's good.

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    im allways reading about what really is the best set up stats wise for my disc priest and no one can give a diffinitive answer really .. haste build works ..... mastery builds works ... crit /mastery builds work .. its all personal choice .. my self i also reforge every thing out of spi .. i have about 1890 spi which i never run out of manna .

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    My personal spirit cap is 2500, which I'm trying not to go below, tho I used to switch holy for raggy hc =)

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    Blizzard did really good job with how stats work for Disc this time around.
    Its not whether you have a specific stat priority that decides if you are any good, but if it fits the way you play.

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