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    Eh well you're wrong
    That is your opinion. My opinion is that people who like average movies like SotD are simply people who are easily amused and/or lacking in good taste.

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    The Walking Dead
    Zombieland (emma stone lol)

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    I love zombies and i hope it’s a lot of u pp out there also that loves zombies. I will now tell u some good zombie stuff that u all should check out The list will get new movies and other stuff all the time

    [size=10pt]* names marked with "Fet skrift" is a must![/size]


    Dawn of the Dead 2004
    Dawn of the Dead 1978

    Shaun of the Dead
    I am Legend
    28 Days Later
    28 Weeks Later

    Night of the Living Dead
    Dead Snow
    Day of the Dead 1-2
    Day of the Dead 1-2 (remake)
    Survival of the Dead
    Land of the Dead
    Diary of the Dead
    Flight of the Living Dead
    Night of the Living Dead 3D
    Dance of the Dead
    City of the Dead
    Return of the Living Dead 1-5
    Resident Evil 1-5
    Rec 1-2
    Quarantine 1-2
    Flesheaters 1-3
    Zombie 1-3 (From Italy)
    Re-Animator 1-3
    Dead Meat
    Zombie Strippers
    Planet Terror
    The Crazies
    Mulberry Street
    Braindead aka Dead or Alive
    Pet Cemetery
    Bio Zombie
    Zone of the Dead
    House of the Dead 2 (Don’t like the first movie)
    Automaton Transfusion
    Boy Eats Girl
    Wicked Little Things
    Army of Darkness
    I Sell the Dead
    Battlefield Basebal
    The Horde aka "La Horde" (French)
    The Signal
    Zombies Of Mass Destruction

    Web series:
    Bite Me
    Dead Rising
    Left 4 Dead
    The Last Stand

    Zombie Documentaries :
    The Unexplained-Zombies
    True Horror-Zombies
    The Truth About Zombies

    Movies that soon will come:
    28 Month Later
    World War Z (If it’s a good as the book i will get a taste of heaven when i see it <33)
    Winter of the Dead: Meteletsa

    TV series:
    The Walking Dead
    Dead Set
    Death Valley


    We're alive
    The Infected

    The zombie survival guide
    World War Z
    Autumn Series
    ZOMBIES a record of the year of infection (Amazing pictures in this book)
    Zombie movies the ultimate guide
    Pet Cemetery

    Graphic novel:
    The Walking Dead
    Marvel Zombies

    Zombie games:

    Zombie escape on CSS
    Left 4 Dead (1-2)

    Call of Duty Zombie mode
    Dead Island
    Resident Evil games
    Dead Rising

    Zombie related music:

    The Cranberries – Zombie
    PAIN - Zombie Slam
    Music from the L4D games...

    For more information about zombie movies check out the book "Zombie movies the ultimate guide" by; Glenn Kay

    If u have some other nice zombie stuff u would like to share, DO IT!

    I really want u guys to share a good movie, book or something else u know (related to zombies)...


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