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    Quote Originally Posted by zito View Post
    Note - He killed H Rag.

    Your point is invalid.
    Note - Ragnaros is ridiculously easy nowadays on 10 man.

    Your point is invalid.

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    -_- just because someone does things in a play style you don't like is no reason to pick on them. It honestly doesn't matter if he clicks or keybinds... it works for him and if he's happy with the results and his guild is then you have no right to bash him and call the video an "embarrassment".

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    Quote Originally Posted by SensCens View Post
    So, in the end... I guess like every single Disc stat-debate... it really doesn't freaking matter. ><
    It totally matters, it's just not a question that can be easily answered without logs because the stat weights differ too much depending on your play style. Mastery > * if you use a lot of PW:S, because PW:S scales 100% with mastery. But mastery becomes incredibly weak if you only us PW:S to on the tank to proc rapture and do most of your healing through PoH.

    Stat weights become even more screwy if you run 10 mans, because you're really a 'jack of all trades' healer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scandore8472 View Post
    Stat weights become even more screwy if you run 10 mans, because you're really a 'jack of all trades' healer.
    Haha, exactly what I mean! I run 10man, my partner these days is a Holy Paladin... We're each assigned a tank to keep an eye on, and keep the raid up meanwhile. PW:S is ~25% of my healing on any given fight, w/ Divine Aegis coming in 2nd and then Prayer of Healing / Greater Heal / Penance / PoM, etc. In practice, this means that I don't spam PW:S but I don't use it liberally either... somewhere in between, if some heavy raid damage is incoming I'm happy to shield a few people (3-5)... I always keep a shield on my tank, so that adds up too. However, as "jack of all trades", I'm happily spewing out PoHs and Gheal/Penances on lower people while keeping PoM flying around.

    In short - I do a lot of things during a fight ... hence the almost ridiculous task of trying to figure out my best stat weight. I think I'm a bit low on Mastery though (43%), and maybe a bit high on Haste.

    Meh, this post became something of a general rant (with bashing of the video guy mixed in for good measure.) haha... my original point was entirely specific to Ragnaros 10HC. :] In that sense, I'll be playing w/ stat weights during our attempts on him over the coming weeks. :}


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