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    New Spriest!

    Brand New Spriest as the title says, I have learned the rotation for the most part,mindblast on cd,try to keep Your dots and at <95% Uptime,and Mindflay is the filler for everything.

    Soo far I feel like I just need alot of gear.

    Im doing 15k on a dummy right now according to recount. I think as my haste goes up i'll be doing more. and ofcourse SP.

    But are there any glaring flaws with my reforges and gear?

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    a few thnigs i see no enc on cloak, ur an engineer so gloves/cloak enc rocks, um ur staff u reforged the master to spirit id do crit to spirit, int,sp,haste,mastery then the rest, and fyi u dont need to hit so close to hit cap, i usually run 4% off hit cap so i can stack more int,haste,mastery, oh and spell pen in belt? i guess u must had pvp'd alot but if ur going PVE id drop that for at least purified gem

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