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    trinket question for - Arlee

    Hi Arlee, i'm just wondering if you know for sure the trinket list for shadow priests is 100% correct cause i wanna know which trinket i should replace for the raggy trinket, Theralion's Mirror heroic or DMC:V/NF?

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    It's really accurate for a slot by slot basis. However, like all BiS lists it doesn't take into account the rest of your gear. Basically if you need the haste from dmcv to keep over 30% haste then you should keep that one. If haste levels are not an issue vplc and heroic TM will probably be the best combination (assuming your nf isn't heroic). But you can also try different combinations and see what works for you.

    Also, you can always just send me a PM, promise I won't bite

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    oh well i'm at 32% haste with DI so haste ain't a prob ;D thx for help

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