Hello all!

So i was browsing some pictures and ended up thinking it would be fun if we could have a thread where we could compare how a race in WoW looks to real-like people. You can chose based on lore, on in-game model, or on your opinion on how they look that you've formed over the years. You can be serious or joke. This is mostly about body type, not necessarily about face, but you could chose faces that match those in WoW if you want.

Of course no porn or nude real or imaginary characters. Also use the thumbnail code if your pictures are too big.

Here's an example:
"I think blood elf females would look a bit like this if they were humans:

Ok, got what you're supposed to do? So grab race-gender and show us a picture on how you think they'd look in real life(with decent amount of clothing)*
If you don't know a picture uploading site, try imageshack:

*based on the fact that some might put pictures of cows in relation to tauren, I warn you, no naked cows please since this is not a cow porn site.

Ok, I'll start:
I think night elf females would look like this in real life: