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    Rate my 3D model

    So I finished modeling this and would like to start animating, but I figured I should get feedback from some of the most merciless people on the planet. The link to it is http://i.imgur.com/bY0IT.jpg which currently has a ghetto rig, but I can always re rig it if I decide to change the model before moving on. Thanks for your input.

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    Did you make a texture study? Make sure you have a proper geometry for applying texture, avoid very thin and angled joints such as those you used on the axe. Try to make the axe more sturdy, similar to the feeling of Vrykul weapons and don't be afraid to use squares when you need.

    Also, decide what are you going to do, a humanoid or a drakonid. If you do a humanoid don't have the hands/items too big and make the head actual humanoid with dragon features like the Satyr. If you're making an actual drakonid go away from the humanoid features such as chest muslcles and thin waist.

    Last note: Any winged creature requires tail, it's just very wierd without it. Has to be an extension of the torso, no a dog-like tail.
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    I have no idea about modeling, some parts on the axe look piched though

    Overall I like it a lot. Great job!
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    How many poly's?

    Think we can get a wire frame to get a good look at the geometry?

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    I like it, I'll give it a 9/10. It's aweomse.

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    I agree with the tail assessment, it looks rather drakonoid, and pretty cool. Good luck skinning the thing, lol.

    Maybe some more detailso n the manta-ray shield thing. or like make it multi tiered like a gauntlet instead, slightly articulated looking.
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    Looks good. Although some parts of it seem abit distorted. Dunno if you intended that or not. Probably an easy fix although I don't know much about modelling

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    Thanks for the responses. I really like the tail idea, which I think I'll be implementing. The shield is based off of a Bulette(DnD creature) skull. It still feels strange to me though so it'll probably get changed. This low res version is about 10k polys by itself and 12k altogether with the armor. A lot of it is the jaw though because I want to do some roaring animations and make particle fire effects come from the gums. I might scrap the axe and go with a fist weapon because the more I look at it the more i dislike it. Heres the wire frame of the low res:

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    Isnt that a 2-hand axe ?
    could be better if it is 1-hand weapon or make the axe blade on one side only. This is just my opinion, you can do whatever you like.

    Edit: unless you want this monster to wield 2-handers easly with his right arm only. But i dont like this idea because his body is kinda small for this kind of ability.
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    his second hand looks really deformed, what is that supposed to be exactly?

    the rest is coming along nicely. might sharpen the axe a bit, dunno how you do that though.

    hmm, since it's more of a dragon-themed monster, could you incorporate scales onto the surface of its skin? atm it looks a bit too smooth.

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    I think the big 2 handed-axe in one hand could work, but perhaps add a little bulk to the thinnest part of the handle and make it "look" a little heavier. I.e., Have him drag it on the ground or have to lug it over his shoulder like the ones in WoW do.

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