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    heroic rag - during flames

    do you switch to fox? i just stay in hawk and just cancel a steady if i have to move

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    This is what I do.. for the most part I rarely miss a steady if I position myself correctly. A good hunter should be able to keep up good DPS with slight movement required.

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    Pretty sure I've seen this same topic before.

    There's a few spots where you barely have to move. Most hunter prefer to stay in Hawk and switch to fox for movements of more than 1 gcd while switching back to Hawk once they shoot anything but steady shots or can stand still again.

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    I prefer to stance dance there, but then, I really enjoy stance dancing. :P

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    only time i go fox is if i have to move for blazing heat or after i pop a trap phase 2

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    blazing heat is really the only time I would think you would need fox in this fight.

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    When I anticipate it happening I usually store up enough focus to prepare for the worse case scenario of moving a lot, for AS.
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    Tend to pop Fox for the occasional moving SS if I'm in the middle of a pair or just low on focus. Try to avoid doing it as much as you can, it's not a shame doing it to keep up ISS though.

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