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    partner for a hunter ????

    hi all, just after a little advice, my friend has just switched to a hunter as his main nad im curious and eager to know what the best partner would be for him , i mean in terms of pvp and pve ofc, i currently have everything but a lock, priest and mage at 85 so pretty much got everything covered but i think we going to go heavy in to pvp, well i say heavy i mean bg n such not asrenas for now as we suck and have poo gear :P

    so yeh just wondering your thoughts on what a good combo would be for a hunter. was thinking shaman im enhance atm, but we would be rolling on the same kit, so in terms of pve it would take us forever to gear up :P

    thanks for any thoughs or assistance you can give me

    wiki out !!

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    I found a resto druid or a holy pally a fun combo. feral druid would work aswell

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    feral definitely

    or ofc enh/ret/any other DPS

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    imo feral > fDK > ret > war > rogue > enha

    2s with healer = long and boring fights

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    Feral Druid at the moment is quite viable. Any other burst dps class is good.

    However you won't go high ratings with a healer, you simply don't have enough burst against people who actually knows what they are doing.
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    For a hunter to work in arena you'll need to be very solid as well. I'd say let your friend play whatever he wants and join a RBG guild/group, hunters can wreck havoc there.
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    Hpally is only good if the hunter is very skilled and geared.. I have done 2 v 2 with mm hunters and I wanted to die it was so bad... But I am 12-0 with a geared BM hunter.

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    Feral Druid/Hunter most OP comp ever

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    I like priests as my partner.
    Arena as shadow/diszi
    BG's as diszi
    Oldraids together
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    Druid is pretty nice.

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    thanks for the replys folks, all your help and adivce is appreciated

    as i say we will prolly not do arenas, or at least not seriously as like i said we pretty much suck :P its prolly more for bg's etc and dungeons / raids hes pretty much just dingd 85 on his hunter and i lent him some cash to buy that lavabolt crossbow thing hence his new main :P but yeh juast want something that will complement his charachter and is fun , thnik ill prolly go the feral drood route, as they are good fun

    keep the suggestions comin people

    wiki out ... again !

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    For bg, druid (mainly resto), stealth + camo to guard flags.
    healer + hunter works well especially with some coordination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxJr View Post
    Feral Druid/Hunter most OP comp ever
    Sub Rogue/Feral says HAI

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    Another Hunter. Then add 3 more Hunters to make it a 5v5 team.

    Search Youtube for 5 Hunters 5v5. Works surprisingly well.

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    Any dps with high outburst (so sorry, affi locks or shadow priests) or healer. Im really keen to 2v2 with rShammy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okacz View Post
    Any dps with high outburst (so sorry, affi locks or shadow priests) or healer. Im really keen to 2v2 with rShammy.
    obviously you never played a shadowpriest

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    Sub Rogue/BM Hunter works well.

    We can burn down a healer (as long as it's not a paladin, *shudder*) in about 5-8 seconds, with him freecasting and popping cds.

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