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    Unhappy Could be me being stupid, but...?

    Why do the links to posts here:

    Under "Recent Forum Posts" which go to the forums, always take me to the last post?
    I want to see the first post ffs! The point of the title, not the last person who said something.
    Is this a setting we can change?

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    Because the last post was the "most recent"... If you want to start from the beginning, hit the "<<First" button in the top right of the thread.

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    tbh I embedded RSS feed of MMO champ on my netvibespage, that way I can see all the latest posts in the correct order
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    If you're logged in, it will take you to the first unread post in that thread -- if you've never read the thread, that would be the first post.

    If you're not logged in, it has no clue where you left off reading, so it will just take you to the most recent post.

    So if you browse while logged in, you won't have the problem.

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    Ok, so being logged in brings me to the first post.
    Doesn't make much sense but I'll just make sure I'll log in while browsing.
    If it doesn't know where you were and your not logged in, it's quite likely that you've never read the post and you would want the first post, not the last post, since from the title you don't know the context at all, so when clicking it, you could just get a person replying to someone else saying something like 'yeah, your right' on the last of 6 pages of posts, which of course is quite useless.


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