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    shadow 4p

    whats the best 4p to run with as shadow talking in same ilvl o maybe h
    4p with raggys gloves or 4p with alysrazors leggins
    token hasnt dropped yet for me so im still running 4p with off head piece

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    Idealy u would like 4p with Aly legs...But just get any 4set u can asap as its a dps increase and worry about min / maxing after that

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    I think it works out that 4pc + rag gloves is BiS due to the gloves having a higher ilvl.

    Personally I am using the heroic random stats hat from ryolith because it gives the highest ilvl until we kill heroic rag.

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    The gloves from Ragnaros are the best offset piece to use since they are half a tier higher in ilvl.

    Once you move into heroic modes it gets a bit more tricky and will vary depending on what is available to you. Until you are downing heroic Rag, it may be better to use a 391 random helm from Ryolith, depending on the itemization of course. I have all 5 pieces just so I can swap them around as I acquire more 391 gear. Right now I'm using the H Alys legs as my offset piece, since the tier legs are the worst itemized (and I can't get a token off Shannox to save my life). We haven't gotten a helm drop off Ryolith, but when we do, I'll probably swap that in and go back to my tier legs. We are weeks away on downing H Rag at this point, so I'm not too concerned with those pieces. Simcraft your gearset options and that will tell you very quickly what is best for you.
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    Best off piece would be gloves from rag

    If you're not killing rag on heroic though, I would maybe go with legs from alys or helm from ryho

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    The absolute BiS is to use 391 Healing Shoulders and 391 Shadow Gloves (this combo gives more PP than 391 Shadow Shoulders and 397 Rag Gloves).

    391 Head from Rhyolith as Offset works aswell, so does Alice Razor Legs, and so does Rag Gloves, but Healing Shoulders as Off-set is the BiS setup.
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    I actually answered this exact question over on HowToPriest a couple of weeks back:

    TL;DR / Didn't go to link: The best combo is the Heroic T12 Healing Shoulders + 4p in other slots with Heroic Flickering Cowl (Haste/Spirit) + 4p being a very close second (5PP lower). The worst combo is Heroic Flickering Cowl (Haste/Crit) + 4p being ~43 PP lower than the 'best', with all other combinations falling somewhere in the middle. Let me remind you that our red +40 int gem is only 40 PP, to put it in perspective. As I go over in more detail in the link, if you aren't killing/close to killing Heroic Ragnaros, your best option is going to be Heroic Flickering Cowl with the other 4p.
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    In my opinion Raggy's gloves (only HC!), but if you can't get heroic gloves, then go for HC Alysrazor's leggings

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