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    Healing as shadow?!

    Ever had to heal as shadow?
    How did it go?
    There have been few times when the tank does not wait for me to respec, and decides to pull the boss, mobs, or whatever.Sometimes i get zone to a dungen in middle of a boss fight.Sometimes the healer dies, and YOU don't want to wipe. Did your healing mattered? Did you saved a wipe? Tell me your stories.

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    Well healing as shadow in Vanilla was regular. I've had to switch into heal mode to save a few healers before when they were having trouble. Not like it really helped too much. Was a pretty big DPS loss to be honest.

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    Well when we do BWD or yeah did we 2 healed and needed a third healer, on my pillar I healed and since you take +10% hp each time he does the shadowballthingy you can just stand there and spam Binding heal flash heal or whatever, and yea I think that healing mattered.

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    There have been times in Heroic Halls of Reflection (back in 3.3) when our healer died during some wave, so I'd drop shadowform to heal... and also similar occurrences when I've been playing my Ret Paladin and quickly swapped to my Holy set to heal. =p Even though my Paladin was specced Prot and Ret...

    I also queued for Coren Direbrew as a healer while staying in my shadow spec, given how little healing a tank needs for that quick fight.. I like it when I can just toss a shield, PoM, and Renew pre-fight (and maybe another shield later), but I will start throwing Flash Heals and Heals/Greater if need be.

    I haven't played my SPriest in current raids enough to have been faced in such a situation where I would need to swap to healing, but I wouldn't hesitate to do so if it comes to that.

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