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    Shaman Forum Rules and Useful Links

    Shaman Forum Rules

    1) Read the general forum rules HERE. These rules are in addition to, not a replacement of, the general rules.

    2) Read the FAQs before posting. Most answers about specs and such can be found within.

    3) Trolling and flaming are NOT acceptable. Ever.

    4) Use active posts.
    Check the first couple of pages for an existing thread on a topic before starting a new one.

    5) Report bad posts.
    Let the moderator staff handle trolls and flamers. Trolling or flaming them back just means we need to infract both of you.

    6) Constructive discussion is encouraged. QQ is not constructive. Trolling is not constructive. Flaming is not constructive. Criticism IS constructive. Please be able to tell the difference between these kinds of things.
    Useful Links

    If you have any suggestions for new useful links, please PM myself or one of the other Shaman moderator staff.

    Shaman Guides:
    Elemental Shaman Guide - Updated for 6.0.3
    Elemental Shaman PvP Guide - OOD
    Enhancement Shaman Guide - OOD
    Restoration Shaman Guide - OOD
    Shaman Abbreviations and Acronyms - OOD

    Theorycrafting Tools:
    Simulationcraft (general theorycrafting sim for all classes and specs)
    Rawr.Enhance (Rawr module for Enhancement simulation)
    Enhsim (A separate Enhancement-specific simulator)
    World of Logs (Combat log raid parser, main source of in-game data)
    Raidbots (WoL parse aggregator and statistical analysis tool)
    How NOT to use stateofdps.com and worldoflogs.com (Slightly outdated post, but linked here as the statistical math it discusses is always relevant)

    Shaman UI:
    Bone's Epic Powerauras (BEPA)
    Endus' Shaman Auras
    The Ultimate Shaman UI v4.0

    Shaman Transmog Thread
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