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    A post to cheer you up!

    Just watch this video


    Enjoy it and have a good day!

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    I dont get it.

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    At first I thought you were trying to troll me..

    But it's actualy kinda nice. Although it does'nt do much to ya unless you're insecure about those topics, I suppose. But a good message to bring
    Enough with bashing eachother, guys.. This community is still young and needs to grow up and show that not everyone are jerks. We're gamers and we enjoy games, don't bash eachother over what games they like or their oppinions, but don't let them bash others either. We need to come together and stand up, as a community, and help eachother out by being respectful and understanding. Please.

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    Re-opened and moved to General Off-Topic cause I am not lazy :P

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