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    My brother has a cat problem

    I talked to my brother and he told me his cat starting was acting weird. Which frightens me, because I am thinking of getting a cat this winter.
    I don't live in the same city as my family anymore, so haven't seen it myself.

    He got a regular 3 year old housecat, called Leia. She started as an indoor cat, living in his 3 room apartment with his 2 sons. When my brother was away on vacations with his kids, my mother usually took care of the cat. My mother lives in a family house, with a decent sized garden and the cat seemed to love being there. During the summers my mother convince my brother that the cat could live there so she could go outside. And it has gone fine 2 summers in a row. Since the cat doesn't like the cold Swedish weather and rather stay indoor during the winter, she move back into the apartment when the summer ends.

    To the problem:
    Now all of a sudden the cat started to pee indoor, everywhere. This sort of made my old mom mad and told my brother to take the cat back. Now my brother sits in his 3 room apartment with a cat peeing on his and his sons shoes and clothes and have no idea why. Since she used to be an indoor cat, she knows how to use the litter box. Can she just forget that she used to do her buisness there?

    Any ideas?

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    well taking her the vet is a start, she could have a bladder infection.

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    Sounds territorial... Is it fixed?

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    once an indoor cat doesnt mean always an indoor cat. maybe she got used to doing it outside, who knows.

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    is the cat male or female? and is it still able to create babies? if yes probably making sure it cant make babies anymore can help for behaviour.

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    You'd get a lot more ideas googling it but it could be a bladder infection, territorial, diabetes, any number of things really.

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    Sterilized female, my brother is gonna call the vet he said.

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    If the cat was suddenly not allowed to go outside anymore for some reason, it might act up like this.
    Any of the above are also quite possible.
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    Had this exact problem with one of my cats; one time she went in the toaster - not a nice smell after switching it on. It's unlikely she'd 'forget' how to use the litter tray, but actually possible she just decided she no longer likes that particular type of litter, so try using a different one of the many varieties there are out there.

    Another problem is potentially stress; if she's being moved around a lot that is a very realistic possibility for which there is no easy answer. You can get pheromone sprays and stuff from the vet (who I would also suggest you talk to) to put in places she usually goes that should deter her from doing it there, as well as reduce her overall stress. Other than that, just more hugs, cuddles and attention so she settles into her moving better.

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    Sorry I didnt read it all, Im pretty sick atm and just cbf... but sounds like the cats a male and he isnt de-sexed. Have him de sexed and it will fix the problem. If its a female, then I really have no idea, maybe it was let out side whilst at your mothers and forgot how to use the kitty litter? Cat piss is the worst (i know from experience) so get on top of it immediatly... and even if it is female, de-sex it anyway, horny cats are the worst!

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    From a cat-hater's point of view, the trick is to get rid of the cat. Works every time! Seriously though, my mom had 2 cats, both of which died rather recently; one from a throat tumour, the other from old age (lived to a very venerable 19). Both of which often peed on the carpet of her hall (revolting as that sounds). The thing with cats however is that it's very hard to get them to change their mind. I would advise a litter box; if they can't use that, get rid of them because I can speak from experience when I say that cat pee can in fact be very dangerous, be it the risk of damage to upholstery, or the ammonia which can have serious side effects, not least given that it is peeing on your brother's son's shoes, for exampl.
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    My cat started doing that, took it to the vet and they gave him some sort of anxiety pills and he has stopped doing it ever since. Also he was already de-sexed before he started doing it.
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    I'v had cats most of my life, and I after reading your description of the problem, I'm almost 100% sure that it's a psychological problem. You can't just take an indoor cat, change it to an outdoor cat, then move it back to a different location and expect it'll turn into an indoor cat again. It just doesn't work that way. Either you have and indoor cat, or you have an outdoor cat.
    That's why your brothers cat is doing what it's doing. It's getting immensly confused, being moved around every 6 months, hence reacting the way it does, peeing indoors.
    The best solution to this as far as I see it, is to decide what kinda cat you want, and where you want it to live. Then when that is decided, _do not_ move it around again.
    Cats needs to feel they "own" the place they live. That makes them feel safe and in control.
    I hope that you could use some of this, and best of luck with your brothers cat.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maelstrom51 View Post
    Sounds territorial... Is it fixed?
    Contrary to popular belief, getting them fixed does not solve this problem. All of my cats have been fixed, and almost all of them start spraying when another cat starts intruding in their territory... >.>

    On topic: The poster above me is very right, you can't just drastically change their living environment like that over and over, it messes with their heads too much... Also if you want a cat to be indoors make it indoors, if out make it outdoors... If you want a mix they have to be allowed to make the decision of going out or staying in by themselves (all year round) or they will get mad, because they think you're depriving them of it... If it's cold and they want out, let them out for a few mins, they will decide it isn't worth it and come back in.
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    Any ideas?
    Cat's are evil.

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    I love how people are starting to ask MMO-Champion about these questions before calling the vet :P

    That being said, don't be scared of getting a cat yourself. The love and companionship they provide outweighs any problems you ever might have with them x1000

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    It's possible her vaginal muscles are a bit slack (especially if she's been spayed) so worth talking to the vet before deciding if the problem is behavioral or physical in nature.

    They *might* prescribe Propalin or something similar, depending on where you live (and whether or not this is their diagnosis.)

    Some info about it (albeit for dogs) here:

    Anyway, GL OP.

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    if the cat is 3 years old neutering it won't do anything because the cat doesn't mark her territory but simply seems to be stressed because not beeing able to go outside.
    Cats are normally very cleanly animals. There are 3 main reasons for a cat to pee: Becoming an adult, which is definitely not the case for a three year old cat, an organic disease, like a cystitis or a lot of stress, which makes it even more complicated.
    For a cat there are thousands of stressfull situations you can't even think of, like a new flower around the place where she sleeps.
    But for your brother's cat it's seems rather simple. Might be the loss of freedom, but when she started peeing at your mom's place already it might be something different.
    The moving twice a year might be getting on her nerves.

    And as hard as it is to find out what's the reason behind this, it's even harder to get rid of the peeing. There are some pharmaceuticals like pheromones which shall make your cat happy again. Or as mentioned above some pills against depressions. Your brother should ask the local vet for good advice.

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    Whats the problem, he getting no pussy?

    OT: Train the cat that its bad, eg rubbing nose in it ect.
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    Sudden incontinence in cats is usually caused by a urinary tract or bladder infection. Get him to a vet asap.

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