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    If anyone is interested in checking out a site that makes fun of the Greek community on college campuses
    check out <snip>

    Started by some kids at the University of Florida and they are trying to blow it up now.
    Basically its a simple concept people just post pictures that they think are "Fratty" to the website and then you can
    comment, like, or dislike them. Makes for some entertaining reads so far.

    Let me know what you guys think of it.
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    That is a seriously mis-leading website name. Maybe I've got a dirty mind.... >_<"
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    Lol yea I can see how you would think that but I don't think they meant for it to be a porn site. But thats just me lol

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    I actually pictured a Hot Dog, but with a European twist to it when I saw the name.

    I shall call it, the EuroDog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Defines View Post
    Maybe I've got a dirty mind.... >_<"
    You're not the only one:P

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    Checked it out and did not really get it....just pictures of people wearing Greek Letters...nothing out of the ordinary... I'm sure it was started by a bunch of guys who did not get into a frat and thus, QQ about it through this site.

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    I'm honestly not to sure what their angle is on the website but it just seems to be a place for non greeks to poke a little fun at the greek system.
    They did some pretty heavy attempts at advertising on our campus just the other day with tons of fliers posted around and they chalked the website name around campus.

    I thought some of the conversations on the photos were pretty hilarious honestly. Especially peoples responses to getting called out. Reminded me a lot of the WoW and mmo-champ forums =p

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    Please don't advertise here.
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