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    [TV] Simpsons will be getting canned!

    After 23 years on TV, The Simpsons might finally be about to come to an end — and all because of a dispute over money.
    According to the Daily Beast, 20th Century Fox has demanded that The Simpsons' six main voice actors take a whopping 45 per cent pay cut in any potential future seasons of the show. Naturally, the cast — Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer — aren't happy about it.

    "The show has made billions in profits over the years and will continue to do so as far as the eye can see down the road," blabbed an insider. "The actors are willing to take a pay cut of roughly a third, but that’s not good enough for Fox."
    On the one hand, the actors each currently make about US$8 million a year (approximately US$400,000 per episode), and even if they take the pay cut their salaries will still be more than US$4 million. On the other hand, they've contributed as much to the success of the show as any of its creators, so.

    Meanwhile Fox is playing hardball, claiming it "cannot produce future seasons [of The Simpsons] under its current financial model."
    This isn't the first time The Simpsons stars have gone head-to-head with Fox: in 1998 the studio threatened to replace the actors with sound-alikes when they demanded pay rises, and there were more money disputes in 2004 and 2008.
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    bout time tbh simpsons is old and stale and not funny anymore besides there are better cartoons on like american dad or family guy

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    OH NO! Eat my shorts.
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    Big greedy companies being greedy I guess. It seems silly though; I'm pretty sure they'll lose money if they go and cancel it. Not that I know anything, it just seems to me that a show like The Simpsons should earn Fox quite some revenue *shrugs*

    On another note, I find The Simpsons have become much of "same old, same old" really..
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    Behind you, what I'm not? Then who's this person I'm behind?
    They're voice actors in Hollywood, I doubt they can get a gig better than their current job even with the pay cuts.
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    crappy show these days, nothing like what it used to be in its prime. maybe cut sum pay from the voice actors and hire sum better writers.

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    400k just to say a few lines, wowza. Take the paycut and rejoice in the fact that you do incredibly little to earn 20x the average person. And yes it is time the simpsons ended it got old 15 ears ago.

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    It would be a sad to see the show end bitterly.
    Then again, I do think its time to stop. The show peaked years ago. I adore it, it just doesn't have the same heart it use to.

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    I wish I made $4 million a year, let alone $8 million. Sad that these people are so arrogant, with today's economy you would assume having a nice $4 mil a year is better then none, cause let's face it none of them have any real talent that will make them that kind of money anywhere else.

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    Its about time. Some shows just need to die at least by their 5-7 season... 23 seasons is enough.

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    I'd be glad for them to loose their big budget. Maybe it will force them to go back to their old ways, with the ~s9 and below style of look that didnt focus on trying to look all fancy but was just clever writing and comedy.. What the simpsons has become over the years due to them thinking they can do no wrong because they know how popular they will be no matter what. As we all know the simpsons has been pretty shit - mediocre over the past few years.

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    There never was and will never be a better cartoon than The Simpsons. One has to be retarded to cancel the show. I can't imagine a world without Bart
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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    Take the paycut and rejoice in the fact that you do incredibly little to earn 20x the average person.
    It's hard to make this argument when them doing "so little" has made their employer 100,000x the average person. To you it's just someone talking into a mic. But business isn't about how hard something is or isn't, its about how much revenue is generated because of it.

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    "QQ I don't want less money for my work but I still have a really high salary and am voicing one of the most popular things on TV." Not like they are gonna get more money doing something else even though they cut their salaries.

    And the series is old, the layout is 20 years old. Family guy is in my opinion far more fun now.

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    First time I read this I thought it said a salary cut of 45 cents.. I was so confused.

    I think they should be happy with the 4million. I would do more than they do for much less then they make..and I am sure most of the world would.

    On the other hand, I would assume they are set for life, as far as money goes. So I could see them kind of not caring either way. I don't know.

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    both parties are in the wrong. Shame on the cast for bring entitled bitches and shame on fox for being greedy.

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    Dont realy care tbh i just hope it ends before German Voice Actor of Homer dies

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    Unless you have figures on their budget / revenue streams its hard to tell if they are overpaid. The larger the show the larger the salaries, why wouldn't that count for voice actors. Isn't this the same as with Charlie Sheen, while being paid absurd amounts of money is nice the actors see up close how much more certain producers / backers might gain financially over their work from back-end deals and online distribution.

    Without more information i think its petty to say that they should take a 45% pay cut just because we all don't make that kind of green >_<.

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    Simpsons got old years and years ago. It's time to put that show out of its misery.

    Quote Originally Posted by Greens View Post
    both parties are in the wrong. Shame on the cast for bring entitled b*****es and shame on fox for being greedy.
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    In my opinion, the show hasn't been funny or interesting in years, so cancelling may be a good idea. Also, I think it's wrong to judge those actors for not putting up with 45% pay cuts. Yes, I wish I made those money too for that amount of work, but it's still a ridiculous reduction, regardless of what money one makes.

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