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    Ok... So one of you gets a job somewhere making x amount of dollars.... you set your life up around the expectation that you will be receiving x amount of dollars and base your lifestyle and expenditures on such.

    A few years later, your boss comes to you and says... hey you need to now live on half of what you're used to making, not only that but I still expect the same work output...

    Tell me you wouldn't be pissed about that. No matter how much x actually is, it still hurts to take away 50% of what someone makes. Epecially when you consider the simpsons make millions in a week on merchandising alone without ever even making an episode.

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    I still enjoy the show but it can't last forever, if it has to end soon I hope we get to see part 2 of the last cliffhanger season finale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    Family Guy teach us to misbehave even more
    Exactly! That gives The Simpsons even more of a reason to be cancelled. They aren't needed anymore, it's not fresh anymore and I would like to remember it as a good thing and not something that got milked out by the end of the show.

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    Just a couple of quick thoughts. The show has made Billions of dollars over the years. The actors now get paid $8 million a year and there are 6 of them that do most of the voices so each year Fox pays out $48 Million dollars to pay the actors. Now i doubt that they have earned this much money for the entire 23 year stretch but for a min we will accept this for easy math. That meas that the Studio has paid out about $1.1 Billion dollars to these 6 actors over 23 years which we know is actually higher than the real amount. So if Fox has made several billion dollars the are still well ahead.

    But i think the important part that keeps getting missed here is the actors don't get any money from re runs or from merchandising or anything else that goes along with the show. They actually offered to take a 30% pay cut if they would get some of the money from merchandising and Fox told them no. So its not that they arent willing to take some sort of pay cut its that Fox wants it there way or the high way.

    Personally i dont begrudge anyone for making money. I may not like Facebook or Mark Zuckerburg but I cant begrudge him for turning something into a multi billion dollar organization. These actors have worked for 23 years to make something popular and if there salaries are set that high more power to them. I hear very little complaining about professional sports players that make obscene amounts of money too but people like to defend their salairies. If you can get paid that well more power to you.

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    The simpsons is still pretty decent, however maybe it is time for them to step down.
    If thier position, Yes they earn a rediculess ammount of money, and yes even though 45% is a lot their still going to be earning more than enough to get by, its the principle of the matter. If they cave over this how long before Fox expect them to cave over something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyratops View Post
    I honestly don't know what you lot are smoking. (probably nostalgia)

    The show is actually far funnier in recent years, I'm not actually sure half you watch it anymore and are just making comments up.

    Anyway, the actors are willing to take a 33% cut, I think Fox are being unreasonable.
    Think it's a matter of taste but maybe we should do a poll ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stings View Post
    Who wouldnt be angry if he earns only 8m $ a year and suddently just get 4m $ a year still doing the same amount of work and just accept it.
    A Rawlsian idealist? Most people? I'd try to fight it but if I'd already been earning several million dollars a year for over a decade then I doubt I'd go home to my house made out of gold and cry myself to sleep on my bed made out of money.
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    either fox is full of shit, or the show is dieing, if so, then take it off the air.
    45 percent is a lot to cut

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    I guess there must be a 100 ppl that can mimic the exact voices for 10 time less money .... no one would notice except if you know the names of the voices ... which I don't

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greens View Post
    both parties are in the wrong. Shame on the cast for bring entitled bitches and shame on fox for being greedy.
    You apparently didn't read the whole article. The cast is willing to cut their salaries a third, but no further. Fox wants to cut it by 45% and will not budge. If you cut anyone's salary by nearly half, out of the blue, I doubt anyone would just take it lying down regardless of how much they are making. Dramatic drops in salary is an irresponsible move to make, if Fox really wanted to drop their salaries due to financial issues, they should be doing it in smaller increments.

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    simpsons are still funny. i laugh my ass off every single episode. much better than other shows to be honest. i love family guy and south park but come on it is simpsons, you can stare at homer and laugh even if he is not moving or saying anything.

    about actors, they already rich and well established actors. those actors gave souls to characters and they deserve that money tbh.

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    If after 23 years my bosses told me they were going to cut my pay by 45% I wouldn't exactly be thrilled either, and I doubt what they make now is what they were making when the show started. I honestly can't hate on anyone for being successful. They took the risk in the early days of the show before it was even guaranteed to be a hit. Even then, the voice actors agreed to a 30% cut, and still Fox won't budge. Oh well, if Fox won't pay them I'm sure we'll be seeing the Simpsons reruns on Comedy Central for a few years, followed by a renewed interest in the show, and Fox will come crawling back.

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    I've found the Simpsons latest episodes pretty good, but if they're gonna end the series they better have an awesome final episode. I wish they cancelled those pile of shits that people call Family Guy and Cleveland Show, they're just unwatchable now

    The Simpsons is as far as I know 1st in the ''The 100 Greatest Cartoons'', with Tom and Jerry 2nd, South Park 3rd, some unknown show 4th and Family Guy 5th

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    Quote Originally Posted by warriorpvp View Post
    bout time tbh simpsons is old and stale and not funny anymore besides there are better cartoons on like american dad or family guy
    simpsons is a classic. will never be stale and nothing will ever get on it's level. family guy might be funny but it will never be the simpsons.

    so your comment was dumb

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    Another prediction about apocalypse, America will fall down when Simpsons do.

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    Even though I like The Simpsons not as much as I like American Dad/Family Guy/Futurama, I'd like it to stay on TV for quite a while. It has something nostalgic to me, as I watch it since I don't know when if it's on the TV, while the others I named, are quite "new" to me.
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    Might want to change your title, its misleading .
    Will be and Might be are different things.

    OT: I doubt it will happen, its easily one of Fox's biggest cash cows. They would be fools to let it go. Plus if they do cancel it, chances are someone else will pick it up so damn fast.

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    No matter how much you're paid. Be it 2k a month or 2M a month. You don't take a 45% cut just like "Oh ok I'll continue doing my work for other people's sake." Anyone saying they wouldn't mind is a lying rat.
    Sure they have enough money so they wouldn't have to work a single day in their life anymore, but what about their children? Grandchildren? If I made a shitload of money I'd sure try to get as much as possible so that when I'm gone there will be plenty left for my children and their children.

    And if you think doing voices for a show like The Simpsons is just 20min of talking into a mic you're horribly wrong. Voice acting is just as much of an art as normal acting. You can be fantastic at it or you can be horrible at it. These people have worked at it their whole life, they should get paid for doing a good job.


    And don't compare The Simpsons to Family Guy or American Dad. They're all really great shows and should be treated as such.
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    Quote Originally Posted by conceit2 View Post
    Great! More Futurama then please!
    Quoted for truth.

    I haven't watched Simpsons since 2000 or so, it lost all its edge already when South Park was created. Family guy does everything Simpsons did ten times better and Futurama is a much more interesting show with huge script potential and several golden Characters (Zoidberg and Bender!). I'll just do a big /care if Fox choose to can the Simpsons, regardless of the reason. I'm not even sad that such a legacy dies, Simpsons should have been canned 15 years ago when it was still half decent.

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    oh noes ima make 4 million less, i cant live on 4million dollars a year, OUTRAGEOUS!......ah well, dont care much for the simpsons anyways :P

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