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    South Park: Phone Destroyer

    Curious if any MMOChampions play this mobile game?

    South Park fan here. Been watching the show since I was a kid, and loved Stick of Truth and Fractured but Whole. Came out with a Mobile Card game that is actually quite fun.

    Figured I'd start a thread and get some discussions going about the game.

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    Looked like a rip off version made by some dodgy app company. Gameplay looks very similar to the console games though I'm sure it's good for a cellphone game

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    I tried it, but I strongly dislike games that require PvP to progress in PvE, when the game is even slightly P2W. I got through the first few chapters just fine, but all it takes is ONE encounter with an overzealous whale and progress can come grinding to a halt...

    No thanks.
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    It's fun enough. Haven't needed to do any PvP in it yet, but I'm not sure how far along I am. All the levels have several difficulties as far as I know, so it should be quite possible to finish the game on the easiest levels without much trouble.

    You also get two free packs of cards each day. Not sure if these can have all the items though.
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    So far they give out a free card pack every 4 hours that stacks up to 2. The PvE aspect of the game is relatively okay but mainly just a way to get more items to upgrade the playing cards. This is pretty much a PvP game. And it does require PvP wins to progress in the PvE story. Granted it is fun and the PvP is balanced until you reach the stages of the P2W players. Playing it daily I haven't dropped money in it and am at rank 31, which i think requires around 100 PvP wins if you don't lose any?

    Eitherway I recommend it if you like South Park. It is Developed and made by Ubisoft (Same people who made Stick of Truth and Fractured but Whole) so not some random nobodies. Though if you dislike PvP, this is very likely not for you.

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    i enjoy it. i'm pvp rank 27, and have a challenge depending on who i get matched against, but it's fun

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