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    3. I reforged off haste because I was about 200-300 below the next plateau and about the same above the next lowest one. Until I get more haste gear to reach the ~2500 plateau I decided to reforge the excess to mastery.

    6. I currently use ForteXorcist to track my dots.
    Pretend you have never heard the term 'haste plateau', as someone else said quite correctly, the value of haste is still higher or a the worst on par with mastery between plateaus. This focus on haste plataues ever since the start of LK is quite absurd and you'd be best served to ignore it.

    Just because you use an addon to track dots doesn't confirm to your your dot uptimes are at a level that maximises DPS. What you need to do to is combat log or use addons like recount to confirm your cast squence is approaching that of the theoretical maximum. For dots, you can generally safely assume SW:P is up 100% of the time (i'd find it bizzare if you are letting this drop off). So if SW:P ticks 60 times for a given encounter you should see VT and DP ticks of 59-60 as well. If that isn't happening then your VT/DP uptime is poor.

    Other things to look at is the amount of MB casts... MB has a 1.2 or 1.3 cast (haste dependant) + it's cooldown (the number escapes me at the moment, is it 7 seconds?). That means (assumign my guess was right) you could cast a MB every 8.5 sec... so get the length of your encounter in seconds (lets say 120 seconds) and divide it by 8.5 means a theoreticaly 14 MB casts were possible. If you only have less than 13 then something is wrong.

    Lastly MF ticks, this can be harder to measure because you cast them infrequently. But you can calculate the average ticks per second you manage and compare that over time to see if you get more. Or you can check what percentage of damage MF is doing, it should be a figure around 30-32%, if its substantially less than this you are missing out on MF ticks.

    The trick is to ignore dps figures and look how many casts of spells you are getting... if you get the maximum number of casts in then the DPS figure will take care of itself.

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    Every time I see someone talk about haste plateaus I think of this image from the post here at

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