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    So we cleared 6/7 H Firelands last week and decided to go for our drakes this week. We've gotten everything else, and are now on our last one which is Majordomo trash. But someone failed. I heard you could reset the instance and try again, and we did that once, but it didn't work. Does anyone know anything else that could work? We did Baleroc on 25 man heroic, so can't set to 10 man and go in.

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    I know we did it after a soft reset... like an hour or two of nobody being in there. Not sure the exact time.

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    Hmm alright, thanks for responding so quickly ^_^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acideyeliner View Post
    We did Baleroc on 25 man heroic, so can't set to 10 man and go in.
    But you can set to 10 man normal and go in.

    Still , I don't know if it works with a soft reset but the previous poster seems to have done it.Good luck.

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    We´ve resetted the first time somebody failed on it and went in directly, that worked.
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