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    Just wenting some steam. Somehow RNG in FL tends to be "one sided" and every raid it's leaning towards one type of gear/weapons all over the bosses.Majordomo for instance loves to give out his jaws On all his kills we got one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharped View Post
    When is Jewelcrafting going to make something profitable?
    I lolled so hard! Wake up about make tailor profitable!?

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    I never understand why Leatherworking products require 40 more volatile waters compared to Blacksmithing.

    Sure blacksmithing have to use 32 volatile earths to create 8 hardened elementiums, but leatherworking also need a grand total of 8 pristine hides, and those are in no way cheap or easy to obtain, not to mention the problems with skinning where you can't skin a corpse when it's bug/too far away/etc, and you actually need people to loot corpses in order to begin skinning.

    Elementiums are so easy to farm at Elementium Depths or Uldum, as for Leatherworking, nobody does the TB dailies anymore for easy croc skinning.

    Another huge problem we will have is, new 5-mans dropping 378 gears will mean the end of FL raiding.(excluding HM, but if people are capable to do FL HM, they woulda jus go straight into Demon Soul).

    The new 5mans should drop 372 the very best, to prepare new players to raid a tier behind instead of jumping straight into DS, and if you've raid experience, 372 gears will be good enough to do DS.

    Now the only reason to do FL is to get helm/shoulder tokens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Freese View Post
    I LOVE people who have no idea about programming. Remember this one rule son: Nothing in life is ever as easy as it seems. The reason why Blizzard hasn't done it yet is because, 7 years ago, WoW was not designed for you to mail your things across realms. In order for them to make it work in this game, they have to completely redesign the mail system from the ground up. The reason why more recent games have these features is because their technology is better.
    They already have a system in place for what others have suggested, You know how you buy something on the blizz store and it flags your account and then it gets mailed to every damn toon you create for the rest of your wow career? Thats what people want, They want to be able to just go buy it and it be auto mailed to every single toon when its created on any server. When you purchase said item, heirloom in this example, it gets flagged that you "own it" and then it would have a secondary flag for classes, trinkets go to everyone just because that would be the logical thing to do. But the armor is only good for certain classes. e.g. a leather heirloom shouldnt be mailed to a clothy class. Clothy looms shouldnt be sent to a pally. etc etc etc.

    The system is already there and in place. They add to this system every time they add another piece of crap to the blizz store so why exactly cant they go back and place heirlooms that have been around for ages into the system as well. Yes i am computer savvy and even i know it wouldnt be that difficult to actually do. If blizz would actually fix problems and not spend 75% of their time over buffing/nerfing classes and actually tried to balance the classes they'd have a shit load more time to work on new content/features. you cant nerf / buff everything by a third and expect to ever get it right. lol... Right now all they do is play seesaw. They should have just implemented the whole "you buy it ever new/existing toon gets it mailed to em" the day they released heirlooms. if only wow's dev team were actually capable of forethought.... then this discussion wouldnt be taking place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharped View Post
    When is Jewelcrafting going to make something profitable?
    Lol I hope thats a joke. lol buy a gem for 30g, cut gem in 5 seconds, post gem for 120g.... at least thats what it was like on my server

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisisvacant View Post
    Because it uses the new material.
    new material or not, thats kind of a big blow to alchemists, titansteel lasted till the end of wrath so why cant TG?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharped View Post
    When is Jewelcrafting going to make something profitable?
    Umm, yeah...epic...gems...?

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