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    Was Steve Job Murdered?

    It sounds quite fishy one day out of the blue such a great would be dead by cancer. I honestly believe Steve Jobs did not die peacefully, and was murdered. So people may ask, ''who murdered Steve Jobs?'' and I tell you who. Those pigs at the american media and entertainment centers obviously ran out of lies and false information to feed to the american audience and so quietly ordered his assassination to make the public mourn while they roll in money like the filthy little swines they are.

    This is just my opinion because of past experience and evidence, but what do you guys think of Steve Jobs death? Leave opinions.

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    He's had cancer for awhile, hardly out of the blue.

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    they assassinated him with cancer..........


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    The fluorine in his drinking water gave him the cancer!


    nah he has been really sick for quite some time now

    In mid-2004, Jobs announced to his employees that he had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.
    pancreatic cancer sucks, surprised he lived so long tbh

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    your opinion sucks and should not be shared.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawt09 View Post

    Gonna have to go with this.

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    you can't be serious OP?


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    LOL, wow. Just wow.

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    He had a rare form of an extremely deadly cancer, pancreatic cancer was his killer.

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    I am aware he had cancer, but it couldn't have randomly killed him in one day is all I'm saying. And the media is just exaggerating on his death to make profit, so wouldn't you people think thats suspicious?

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    We don't want conspiracy theories here.

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