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    Just tried it out, kiiiinda works. Needs more black in my opinion.
    Hmmm sadly I can't think of many black mage sets, especially the black and gold of the backpack - maybe tier 5 could work?

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    Not mine. Stole it from reddit. Credit goes to Herest3333 in the xmog subreddit.

    But this is hands down my favorite mage xmog ever. Too bad I didn't play mage back in Legion for the Artifact skin (arcane)

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    I'm thinking of coming back and playing my mage so I've been messing around in the wowhead model viewer trying to find a decent set for this Ebonchill appearance. I think with the new PvP Ny'alotha gear and Nazjatar benthic gear I might have made something that works.

    What do other people think about this? Is this common?

    link to gear

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