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    We need a DJ Sona skin.

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    Teemo, definetely

    The perfumed* boys he wrapped in chains and threw into the sea. They were unnatural creatures, and the ship smelled better once cleansed of their presence.

    *Degenerative Casuals

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    Cough Urgot cough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cooespooh View Post
    While Enemy Crabgot is awesome beyond belief, I still feel like he's missing something. Maybe a Gentleman Urgot skin? A nasty looking mechanical monster in a tux with a monacle over his one good eye (I think it's good... looks kinda nasty) who fires shrimp forks out of his arm instead of glaives would be really friggen epic. Urgot, Gragas and Cho'gath could start a gentlemen's club together.

    On a side note, they need to have some sort of epic event where Urgot faces off against Garen for vengeance.
    You need to suggest this idea on the official LoL forums :P I love it!

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    Soraka, for sure. I love the Divine skin, but she needs more. Someone on the forums suggested a "Devil Soraka" skin. Sounds like an awesome idea, imo.
    Yeah We ALl do m8 guess again somting went frong well lets hope it will be fixed soon

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