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    5 warrior, all mace

    throw backs and stuns everywhere it will be dubbed "lawlumadcleave"

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    This interview from the Anet 5v5 team from the expo's is awesome.

    My favorite bit from Jon Peters.

    Do you have a favorite team strategy or composition?
    JP: I play fairly aggressively in any game, so I like to use as much mobility as I can. For example, sprinting to the enemy capture point, slowing them down while my team takes the center capture point in order to build up an early advantage, which forces the enemy to get aggressive in return. Once you play Guild Wars 2 PvP for a while, you will see that profession composition does not matter like it does in other games, but the more interesting choices are which weapons, heal skills, utility skills, elite skills, and traits to bring to the game. There is an extraordinary amount of build-making going on behind the scenes, but that complexity is masked by the layers we built into the system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mif View Post
    I'd play that as long as it was flamethrowers only just for the lols
    I shall call it the KIWF comp! (kill it with fire )

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    gonna bring back the necromancer comp!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyre Fierceshot View Post
    This interview from the Anet 5v5 team from the expo's is awesome.
    Hey this site is great. Thanks for posting it.

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    Thief, Mace/Mace warrior (myself), 2 elementalists, and a ranger.

    Thief, ranger and one elementalist rush down their easiest kill, I provide support between them and us brawling it out with any melee trying to get to our casters, and the other elementalist provides cover for me, and and the elementalist bursting with the thief and ranger.

    The PvP's is going to be so fun, mixing and matching comps and making up strategies

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    Blood Spike

    Well, maybe not, considering it'd be pretty terrible if all PvP is capture points. But I miss it :'(

    And /cringe @ people saying "comps" in GW2. I can see it happening.

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    6 thieves. You won't notice it until it's too late.

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