View Poll Results: Is it weird to dream of playing SWTOR?

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  • Yes!

    15 25.00%
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    13 21.67%
  • I dream of weirder shit >.>

    29 48.33%
  • WTH is sleep!

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    ok added a poll lol

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    one night i was playing a smuggler, when i noticed how my fella trooper zerged 3 mobs at once. than i played trooper next night. Is it weird? nah, i am just so hardly excepting this game that i am dreaming of it lol. but yeah, i had 2 very real dreams of playing this game.

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    Dreamed of weirder stuff >.>
    Then again, there are people who don't dream or can't remember them.
    Some people dream every day and can talk about them, last time I remembered my dream was too long ago. D:
    Be happy you can remember what your dream was about :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xanelion View Post
    last time I remembered my dream was too long ago. D:
    In a Galaxy far away, right?

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    No not weird. I've dreamt of both TOR and weirder crap... much weirder...

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    I had a dream about my Druid. I was in Azshara in bear form running through the forest. And feeling the grass and leaves beneath me as I ran...

    I also had a dream about SWTOR, I was a Sith Assasin. Taking on a Jedi. Combat was everywhere. Empire vs. Republic.
    The tides began to turn to the Empire.

    We deal in absolute. We will not fail. The Empire will reign over all!!!

    This was before I played beta and played the Asssasin class lmao.

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    Could totally dream of worse...

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    Same... Could so dream of worse, however I am dreaming about this as well xD Maybe If I get a beta invite that'll change... or get worse o.O

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