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    I won't miss any. Always loved the sorc, and baba was pretty fun too. The rest seem to be rolled into the other classes but was never a big assa/druid fan anyway! - Various games streamed from time to time!

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    Druid mostly, even though it wasnt his favorite class. All the ones in D3 please Skelington, and all of the "remakes" seem to be a nice change of pace(like Witchdoctor over Necromancer). Kind of prefer the Amazon to the Demon Hunter, but he hasnt really looked into the DH that much.

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    hammerdin was kinda cool;
    also trap assa was nice

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    necro! I liked it so much.. very sad that its gone now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caiada View Post
    I was playing D2 recently, and I despise those guys. Them and the obnoxious skeleton ones that explode when they die.
    i got exactly the same opinion about them Caiada xD and especially i hate the flame breath ones xD. Anyways, i'll probably miss assassin the most, love that class

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Assassin, absolutely. The class that had absolutely so much utility and sparring power, with a hundred ways to build...I could have a D2 account with nothing but assassins on it and be happy.
    Assasin is the class i will miss the most, especially with kicker build for soloing bosses.

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    Barbarian with proper warcries.

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    Necro definitely. I don't think the WD will curb my minion appetite even though I will play one..

    Miss my zookeeper build. Along with curses it was really fun.

    Same with the Druid. I always liked minion builds but going feral and Lycan was fun too.

    Will miss the amazon (bowazon) as well. I still am weary of the DH. Still looks interesting though.

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    If they don't add new (or rather old) classes in the 2 expo's for D3 i'll be really dissapointed with blizz.

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    I loved the Necromancer and the Druid, but the Witch Doctor fills that niche pretty well. So I'll miss none.
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    Maybe assassin, I liked their playstyle.
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    I'm going to miss the Paladin and the Druid most. The Sorceress has been reborn in the Wizard, the Barbarian has returned to us, and the Necromancer has effectively been replaced by the Witch Doctor. Elements from the Assassin and the Amazon were split up within the Demon Hunter and the Monk. Our shield-toting Paladin has made no glorious comeback in Diablo III. Our Templar follower is going to be reminiscent of him, and his holy theme is a key part of the Monk, but it's not the same. I always liked how the Barbarian was kind of an all-out, raging juggernaut, while the Paladin was a more patient, reserved and defensive melee character. The Druid's themes and playstyles haven't been replicated at all, really. I did love me some werebear.

    But hey, that's what expansions are for, right?

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    For a defensive character, the paladin sure did a hell of a lot more damage than the barbarian. So much for barbarians being masters of combat with skin as tough as iron.

    See, even in Diablo paladins are overpowered, if only the WoW players could see this =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    Assassin, absolutely. The class that had absolutely so much utility and sparring power, with a hundred ways to build...I could have a D2 account with nothing but assassins on it and be happy.
    No doubt /this

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    I'm only going to truly miss 1 thing from d2: Well, two things actually: MA assassins with death sentry and PvP chargers. Everything else is in the game in one form or another, or have been implemented better, at least in my perspective. It seems a lot more fun to build with skills and runes than it does to tap 20 points into a skill, and d2 didn't get much attention for change when WoW came out.

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    Probably the barbs Titan grip, got the beta it's a no go makes me sad panda =(

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    Assassin by far.

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    Necromancer and assassin, but moreso the necro for me.

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    Amazon and Necromancer

    My first lvl 99 was an Amazon, and my very first character I made was a Necromancer

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