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    Necro fo sho. The witch doctor looks alright, but no substitute for the real thing imo.
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    Nah nah, see... I live by one simple creed: You might catch more flies with honey, but to catch honeys you gotta be fly.

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    I'm gonna miss druid the most. The things they could have done with the class design are intriguing me.

    Still waters run deep.

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    Gonna miss paladin and necromancer, which was my favorite classes. Though I probably can live with witchdoctor in D3.

    The thing I really miss though, is a plate&shield-wearing type, since I dont see any of the classes in D3 so far running around in heavy plate and shield.

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    I'm going to miss the Paladin most. 99 Hammerdin for screwing around and a 99 Smitepally for cheese farming.

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    I'd say necro and pally, not so much in terms of playstyle but definitely in terms of theme and lore. I know they attempt to cover those bases with the witch doctor and templar follower, but the archetypes for faith/light and the realm of death are sorely lacking. The newest characters seem like a bit of an amalgamated mish-mash of previous characters and playstyles. The gumbo approach gives me the first impression that some favorable distinction present in D2 was lost. Just mho as of now.

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    Paladin. Absolutely loved that play style in D2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dahmer View Post
    I had a titan barb with a polearm that also did a huge amount of damage Probably not that far behind blessed hammer damage. I could probably do the math to find out just how far behind...if I can remember the gear I was using.

    I just did some serious thinking and this is the damage with the gear I remember having (can't remember the magical charms I had, I do remember having perfect attributes anni & torch) :
    Minimum whirlwind damage : 6168.6
    Maximum whirlwind damage : 17030.7
    Chance of crushing blow (25% hp damage to non boss/player targets) : 25%
    Chance of double damage (deadly strike "combined" with critical strike) : 59.44%
    Whirlwind speed : 4 fpa (6.2 attacks per second)

    So an average damage of 11599.65 is good enough to compete with a lot of the starting hammerdin in terms of damage but obviously hammer damage could go a lot higher if you don't include that I'm doing double that damage at least half the time.

    This of course is something not to try on hardcore (unless you're rich & have lots of time) because it's a barb with every stat dumped into strength, damage was calculated with a lvl90 char in mind because I think I stopped it at 90.

    Personally I'll miss this very go full strength! and my smiter

    I'm surprised so many people miss this point about d3. They're basically replacing attribute points with gems, Go full attack gems if you want, full precision, defense, or a mix etc. It's basically the same as choosing attribute points but with a major time sink attached (aquiring the gems)

    And I'm gonna miss javazons

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    no derp about it

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    Ima miss them javazons & paladins (oh, the possible builds... hammerdin, fister, zealer, smiter, charger...) and a little of topic, but ima miss Diablo II spells which didn't have cooldowns, unlike 30% of Diablo III spells.

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