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    I just want updated textures like feral forms.
    And as others have said, it comes in real handy for raiding when people need to stack.
    Just look for the giant chicken with antlers and follow him.

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    I love the Moonkin form! I cant understand why people choose the shapeshifting class when they want to be their normal self :S

    But the option would be nice for some!

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    I like moonkin form and the Druid class is supposed to be based on shapeshifting. They've already killed that with Resto (and yes, I remember in vanilla before we had treeform at all, I also remember before we had a moonkin form), why kill it for Balance too? It would be nice to see an updated moonkin model though. I dont want to see a complete overhaul though, just maybe sharpen it up a bit and add some more detail.

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    I would LOVE a glyph that allows us to morph into something similar to Malfurion. Like humanoid, but with feathers on arms and antlers/horns on the head.

    Resto are able to see more of their gear. Would be awesome for balance to get this option too.

    I don't mind that feral is the only spec that wouldn't get to see it's gear... i mean... feral.... FERAL... if you dont like bear asses, go roll a warrior... if you dont like kitty tail, go roll a rogue.

    But ugly fat chicken needs to go! c'mon... it uses the ogre skeleton and animations
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    I would love to see a glyph that turn moonkin in to my original caster form or keeper of the grove/dryad fom or malfurion like form or emerald dream form or all together :P Anything of this options that make me get rid of moonkin form it would me the most hapier balance druid

    Ang a glyph like this is the best they could do to all balance druids cause its minor and optional.
    The only people that maybe would harm, is those who want to see other people in moonkin form only and cannot accept other people having difent opinions and options.

    As for feral druid a glyph maybe a glyph that can turn them in to diferent animal that have claws and sharp teeth. Any other form that havent claws and teeth it would be ridiculus (ex. a snake that that shred and mangle enemies... or normal form... or spider...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AetherMcLoud View Post
    Moonkin form is a goddamn abomination. Also it doesn't really make any sense, seeing as moonkin mobs are melee mobs.
    I haven't seen a healing/caster treant as NPC as well, so that kind of goes the same for ToL form

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    Wouldn't give up moonkin form. Would pref some new moonkin skins too.

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    I think balance does need a form, Moonkins are abit dated now and kinda.. boring. If we think about it, Its the only spec what aint really had any love... Resto got a new big arse tree (can change to old ToL like i have tho..) Cat forms and Bear forms are all updated and different. Its time moonkin got them same deal. I feel there skin should change with our hair colour like the cat / bear forms. I like the idea of kinda.. keeping our normal human forms (Troll, tauren, Worgen, nightelf) and just "changing" them slightly. Maybe adding what people said about the feathers and things. But id like them to look good :P a nice new moonkin model, higher graphics and the spec will be alot more loved. I do like the spec never really played much of it tho. Always feral cat / bear or resto. Might try it tho in 4.3 with the new raid. Swap over to moonkin, New hurricane animantion and new (updated) wrath are looking very nice atm.

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    Ever since Cataclysm came around I thought it would be cool for Balance Druids to stay in their regular form and automatically morph into their Boomkins when they're affected by Solar Eclipse/Lunar Eclipse. Ideally, there would be a different form for each Eclipse, but that's probably too much to ask for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
    I haven't seen a healing/caster treant as NPC as well, so that kind of goes the same for ToL form
    The treants below Dalaran cast Rejuvenation and some other Druid healing spells regularly. I used to level weapon skills on some toons on them because with just autoattacking you couldn't kill them because of the hots.
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    I love my chicken form alot, it's the number 1 reason i actually started play Moonkin in the first place, but 5 years of the same forms....It would be nice to sometimes have the option of just clicking of a second buff like the shadow form and be able to play in my gear, but a definite no no to a Moonkin cooldown that would be silly.

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    Well i would never want my moonkin to be removed. If they make Moonkin form a CD like tree form then i'm quitting, simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokobishu View Post
    I love the Moonkin form! I cant understand why people choose the shapeshifting class when they want to be their normal self :S

    But the option would be nice for some!
    Some of us made our balance spec druids back when Hurricane was the 31pt talent and shapeshifting was something only ferals and flag runners did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
    I haven't seen a healing/caster treant as NPC as well, so that kind of goes the same for ToL form
    /shrug, I've seen more nature spell wielding treants then I can count. Ulduar had them, botanica had them, Blasted Lands has them. List goes on

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    No! They ruined Resto and I don't want them to do the same thing to moonkin. Not that I play anymore, but one of the few reasons I quit was because of the stupid Resto change. Next we'll be able to tank in caster form

    But if they do it the smart way and glyph it, then sure why not. But Blizzard is too dumb to do that so I can't see it happening.

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    I specifically don't play balance because of moonkin form, so yes, I'd love it. I can get on fine with the rotation, but that damn model... >_<

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    I'd love so, i hate the moonkin model

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    I think I'm one of the few who LOVES moonkin form, it's awesome. Yes it's outdated, but it still looks pretty damn bad ass. I just wish the spec was more interesting than A A A A eclipse B B B B B eclipse A A A A. An updated model would be a huge improvement though. Making it a CD is a terrible idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ogretron View Post
    Next we'll be able to tank in caster form
    Yes! Finally Druids will actually be a real melee class for once! Go-go staff whacking!

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