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    having a macro that has 10 times /click ActionButtonX in it would be quicker

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    Life grip causes your target to be unable to move for 4 seconds. Since 90% of the time the dumb ass runs back into the fire anyway.

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    Leap of Faith should pull the raid in (within 100 yards) while in Sanc Chakra.
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    Leap of Faith should turn into an actual, well, leap of faith. It should make the priest fly through the air towards his target, having faith that said target is not standing in something bad like a fire.

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    OMG this made me crack up at work.. got busted browsing forums :O lol love it! I'm sharing this with peeps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redsparrow View Post
    Healing 4set bonus: All of your healing spells have x% chance to proc Leap of Faith on your target.
    This would be so amazing i burst out laughing when i read it, amazing

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    Replaces your non-Discipline talent tree with Disc-o talent tree. Whenever you enter Chakra state Dragostea din Tei plays.

    Your healing spells have 10% chance to spawn mobile mini-lightwell with 15 charges on every healed target, which will randomly say 'click me' for 3 minutes or until depleted.
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    "Leap of Faith will force the target to roll in the direction he was pulled for 30 more yards"

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    Going with Leap of Faith I would say 2pc bonus:

    when Leap of Faith is used on a target they are prevented from moving after they land for 10 seconds, Leap of Faith is also converted to prod for 10 seconds and its cooldown is reset, Prod allows you to push a target 5 feet in the direction you are facing.

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    2 pc: Leap of faith now is a buff on your selected target, the buff persist for 2 seconds and at the end of the 2 seconds the selected target life grips his/her current target to him/her and forces the target to attack the player for 60 seconds and can not be taunted off and persist threw death, ending in double death!

    4pc: 2pc now forces friendly targets to attack friendly targets in addition to hostile targets.
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