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    [Bio] Varith Firebough

    Name: Varith Firebough

    Age: 208

    Race: Blood Elf

    Gender: Male

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Likes: booze, women, magic, bloodthistle

    Dislikes: responsibility, seriousness

    Appearance: Picture. Varith is the epitome of wasted potential. At a decent six-foot-three, he's not the tallest of his kind but he has a decent enough stature. He is well-groomed at all times and full of youthful radiance.

    Personality: Varith was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and thus has certain expectations. He feels very entitled to everything; if he doesn't get what he wants, he gets moody and upset. If people do not do what he wants, he becomes irate and irrational. He expects to be waited on and catered to, preferrably by a harem of beautiful women who tend to his basic needs during the day and his more.. primal ones at night.

    He is a daredevil. He likes a good adrenaline rush, even if he risks his life to get it. He makes dumb bets and follows through with them. He is very competitive, as well; if he senses a challenge, he will immediately do everything in his power to win at whatever it is. No matter what. He is a very proud individual and to not be better than somebody at something is a great dishonor.

    He also likes women. A lot. Borderline sex addiction. He wants no part of a relationship, no marriage, nothing like that - he'll keep ladies as lovers, but wants no emotional attachment to them. He is totally fine with leading a woman on and crushing her heart, since that's part of the game and he's kind of a scumbag, but yeah, whatever. He's also not too picky about his partners; not only do they not have to be absolute bombshells (I mean, they gotta be decent at least, he is sorta shallow) but they also don't necessarily have to be female. Get enough booze in Varith and he will take almost anything to bed. Really.

    Strengths: he is one suave bastard. lots of money, not influential on his own but has 'family.' in combat, he's pretty much got no style and is that much more dangerous for his haphazard attack sequences

    Weaknesses: he's a chronic drunk and not good at commitment


    -born in Silvermoon City, influential family tree and money. yes

    -grew up, started preying on the ladies early and drowned himself in alcohol. became a troubled youth

    -liked to steal things, so to avoid embarassment, parents took him and moved to a village well to the south and east of the city

    -Varith wound up liking it there and was similarly popular, but on a smaller scale. stopped stealing and instead turned to breaking and entering through windows of adolescent daughters

    -ran away and went traveling some, truly did not give a fuck

    -had the sense to get out of Lordaeron when things went south, traveled more south of the zombie zone

    -returned to Quel'thalas a while later to find it had been sodomized by some prince he didn't care about. Most of his family died, but his parents were fine.

    -continues really not caring. doesn't join the army or anything.. travels more.

    -and travels more. finds out he has a new brother, goes to meet him and then goes away again


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