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    Seriously we used to use nearly EVERY spell in our arsanal! Now we have these spells like Mind Control, totally awesome... but where in raiding can you use it? Trash is immune and it's no longer used on boss fights! Mind sooth, what the fuck! On Instructor in Naxx (old and new) you used to have to mind sooth to get close enough! I mean seriously -_- I just want to MC trash... just... MC...Trash...
    MC used to be very viable in pvp (especially when used on someone wielding the sulfuras), now its more or less used to MC people off ledges in BGs.

    MS still reduces aggro range pretty well i just dont think either last long enough on the target anymore :/

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    It's this kind of thinking that robbed classes of some of their most fun abilities in Cata, kindly leave my WoW alone and go play UtilitarianismCraft.
    well said^^^ i lol'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by painweaver View Post
    MC used to be very viable in pvp (especially when used on someone wielding the sulfuras), now its more or less used to MC people off ledges in BGs.
    MC is still very viable in Arenas as well. When attempting to force a kill, stacking CC followed by MC is a pretty solid way to win.

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    Jeeeez, make MC usefull again idd!

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    I don't know what you're talking about OP, I use Mind Control and Mind Soothe ALL OF THE TIME. MC for 5mans and random pvp, But use Mind Soothe all the time to make it easier to just skip trash. (for example, allowing the whole raid to go from Alysrazor to Baleroc without fighting any trash).

    I can't really think of any of the priest spells that I don't use at least multiple times every week, with the exception of Shackle undead... even then I use it in ZA when the random helper mob is a ghost.

    However I agree that all raid trash being immune to MC now is stupid and not fun I could see making the first few packs immune to keep people from Duo farming trash like they did at the beginning of BoT... but why not just limit it to the first pack/room/etc? Huge nerf to /fun

    As for Mind Soothe not lasting long enough... 15 seconds isn't long enough? The range reduction is HUGE, it works almost as well as stealth (for example you can get close enough to quest items/herbs/etc that a mob is standing on top of w/o aggroing) AND it can be applied to multiple targets... and if 15s isn't enough just, uh, er, recast it? :P
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    I dont use them much in raids but as it has been mentioned mc and ms I make use of in pvp and dungeons. If you haven't mc'd peopleand made them jump off cliffs in ab and so on you have been missing out :<
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    I really loved the Instructor fight in Naxx because I got to use MC and tank Was good times... though it sucked for guilds that didn't have reliable priests.

    Honestly though I don't think we have any spells that aren't useful in some aspect or another of the game.

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