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    Quote Originally Posted by Trollsbane View Post
    Another pulled from the air example:

    Pve gear:
    100 strength
    100 stam
    100 armor
    60 crit
    50 accuracy

    Pvp gear
    70 strength
    120 stam
    110 armor
    80 crit
    40 pvp rating (increase of attacks vs player and defense against player attacks)

    Pve gear can be used in pvp. Will it be as good as pvp gear? No.
    Pve gear can be used in pve. Will it be as good as pve gear? No.
    flawed and horrible system if this is what they will use come launch. gear set bonus must be huge otherwise you will get players exploiting this weak system by having both pve and pvp gear on.. again benefiting pve players more.

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    Advantage is given if you pvp in pvp gear, or if you pve in pve gear. But skill can still trump gear.
    i dont think anyone would disagree with that, but if there is minimal difference between the 2 sets why have 2? The only way your ever going to make skill matter more is by making gear sets easy to obtain. If like PVE, PVP gets a "hardmode/ranked" set then the gap between the two will come much faster than you expect due to the "pvp stat".

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    Yea, it is fair that you should actually pve to be the best in pve, or vice versa with pvp.
    Pvp gear is not significantly worse than pve gear to pve with.
    This isn't WoW, and their flawed system has nothing to do with TOR.
    yeah this isnt wow, but on paper the system doesnt look any better either.

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    Well, I 100% disagree with you and will leave it at that I guess.

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    thats a post i realy like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insanoflex View Post
    this will get changed.. otherwise i want my pvp gear to only do 10% worse in PVE than a fully geared pve player.
    And I'm sure you want to have your cake and eat it too. The idea behind this is to encourage pvp at launch so people wouldn't get their faces stomped.

    So are you expecting that if you pvp and get b the gear...that you should dominate the new level 50? The idea is skill offer rock paper scissors with gear.
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