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    I remember the times in wotlk when it was REALLY hard to convince other players that ferals don't need hit cap.
    Now its hard to convince some players that hit cap is actually valid

    But even if its not. It does not matter. Feral rotation is not the easiest in the game. For new feral(like topic starter) it will be easier to keep rotation and than master it with hit/exp cap.
    He will lose more dps because of unlucky misses and dodges than he will gain from theoretical dps increase without caps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Petitourson View Post
    - Your gear has 2T11 bonus: max agility > max mastery > crit = hit = exp (4-5% recommended hit&exp deficit) > min haste
    - 4T12 gear (up to average ilvl382): max agility > hit = exp = haste (0-2% recommended hit&exp deficit) > crit > min mastery
    - 4T12 gear (upwards of ilvl382): max agility > hit-capped = exp-capped > max haste > crit > min mastery
    This is close enough for my tastes. Truth be told, the stat values are so close to each other anyways that the very first reply by Fiana is accurate. I would recommend getting at least some hit and exp if you're just starting out as a kitty (even if at your gear levels mastery would be the best stat), since it does smooth out the learning curve a bit. Also, that remark about Duilliath playing a mage made me smile. Sorry, couldn't help it!

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    Well, from other posts, it would appear that JonBeMerkin is mostly playing as Moonkin and possibly, at best, moonlighting (sorry, couldn't resist it) as Feral. Additionally, he is fairly new to the forums. Can't always expect people to know a 15 bazillion user base.

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