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    [Music] Favorite drinking songs, I have mine, what is yours?

    I love to sit back and drink to my favorite scenes from movies.

    My favorites include:

    Great scene from Pulp Fiction:

    Good video of Time Bandits (George Harrison)

    Gary Jules (Tears for Fears) (Was in Donnie Darko)

    So, what's your favorite song? (drinking or just sad for the night ,, to answer all you need to be is in a state of open-ness - drinking is for "other" people, "right?")..

    edit ** hopefully the new Tears for Fears video is good .. last one wasn't complete
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    lol, fixed your title. you were clearly drunk when typing it

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    "Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced" by the Dropkick murphys

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    Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show

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    I drink alone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    lol, fixed your title. you were clearly drunk when typing it
    Good videos regardless

    ps Thanks Fuzzzie

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    Heres another:

    Charlie (duet) with myself .. man a beautiful duet

    The song alone is freaking beautiful!

    Well these songs are my personal favorites .. I'd like to hear others favorites. ?
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    George is always good listening when drinking.

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    I aint Finish, but I like listening to it. Love vodka

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    Well,for drinking,deffinitely something by Alestorm....
    My favourite one

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    This is not a sad drinking song, because I don't drink when I'm sad.

    This is a happy drinking song for loud bars!
    Korpiklaani - Vodka (metal lifestyle :P)
    *imagine huge ale mugs smashing together with lots of long haired idiots being drunk with wenches (girls/friends) about*

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    Finntroll - Försvinn Du Som Lyser

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    I drink when I'm sad or happy, but when I'm really plastered and alone, I tend to catch myself listening to this. And yes, it is a sad song lol

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    There is a real music video of this song.. but really? How can you not resist the L2-Dance version!

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    It's just... perfect...


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    Korpiklaani without a doubt

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    This song is a riot if you're drinking with others, in a club, or whatever...
    oh, and...

    other then that, anything by thoroughgood wins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodlover View Post
    Korpiklaani without a doubt

    Was waiting to scroll down and find something from these guys

    My favourite drinking songs would either be Red Fang - Wires
    or Bro Jovi - I Am Eternal
    Nothing beats some southern metal

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