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    Top three:

    1 - The big bang theory
    2 - How i met your mother
    3 - Community

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    Hmm, It would be off the top of my head. How I met your mother, Everybody hates Chris, that 70s show, and My wife and kids.
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    who's line is it anyways and bored to death, so happy s3 starts in a couple days
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    The Big Bang Theory, it's the only one I follow weekly. ;D

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    Family Guy, That 70's Show and My Name is Earl

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    The big bang theory and Two and a half man (with Charlie) is what I watch now and then.
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    The Big Bang Theory, hands down. Best show I've ever seen.

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    Big bang theory
    The Daily Show
    The Colbert Report
    Family Guy
    Robot Chicken
    South Park

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    There's several I have seen (though they're pretty old) and many many many that I haven't seen though I need to.

    But if I had to pick one it'd be Scrubs, one of the greatest TV series I've ever seen, period. Though I do want to start watching Modern Family, after watching the prime time Emmies that show must be amazing
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    The Daily Show
    The Colbert Report
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    1. How i met your mother
    2. Two and a half men
    3. Big bang theory

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    I am amazed at all the love Big Bang Theory is getting. I watched the first season and it just seemed like a big, badly written ball of lame stereotypes and lazy pop cultural references. Am I missing something? Should I go back and give it another shot?

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    Definitely Summer Heights High.

    A few links for you to watch; (first off the "main characters", all 3 of 'em, are played by the same guy.)

    Making fun of a redhead:

    Kid making up his dad touches him:

    Kid going insane in class:

    Definitely the most lively show I've watched in a while. The Jonah kid makes my day.
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm
    Family Guy
    Father Ted (its old but check it out, its about a bunch of Irish catholic priests who live together in a house in the middle of nowhere.)
    Blackadder goes forth (classic)
    South Park
    I.T crowd
    Peep show

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    The Big Bang Theory
    Two And A Half Men
    How I Met Your Mother
    Malcolm In The Middle
    Family Guy

    Always. They're not put in a specific order.
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    modern family
    the community
    how i met your mother

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    South Park
    Familty Guy
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    Top Gear, is the most consistantly funny show I have seen in the last several years along with Curb your Enthusiasm.

    I have several others but I can't compare my sense of humour to your's. Those are pretty lock though.

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    1. Friends
    2. The big bang theory

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    The Office
    How I Met Your Mother
    Family Guy / American Dad
    Modern Family

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