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    The Quest for the Bulwark

    So I resub recently for some casual fun, old raids, old heroics, mount collecting - you get the idea. With the coming of transmog, my most favourite shield the Bulwark of Azzinoth will be able to be used in any kind of content. I always wanted to have that shield and now with transmog that will be possible.


    The Black Temple isn't as simple as Karazhan, I can't just go in and farm it. From what I read, it's difficult and not soloable (moreso for warriors), and will require 4-5 people at least. This can be quite frustrating as you can imagine, not that many people will be willing to do an old raid and since I can't do it myself I'm pretty much stuck.

    What is your recommendation? What approach would you take? Any tips on going with a small group in there?

    Thank you.

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    Find a rogue with friends.

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    Recruit people on terms of 4.3 transmog items
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    I would get 2-3 other people at 85, friends or randoms and faceroll it. Just bring something that can heal for the annoying bits (Reliquary p2 eg) and something that can tank (346 blues is more than geared enough for it).

    Farmed it weekly for a month or so until I got what I wanted from it like that. Was relatively painless.

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    get some friends or ask in trade. it's fairly easy to get a group together, 3 people is enough to make it really easy.

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    I found a group a little while ago, just completed the run.... I, I got it! Along with two t6 pieces...

    I lost the roll, but I paid the shield's weight in gold. Best purchase I've ever made in wow. Thank you for your replies everyone.

    Mods please lock.

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