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    Arms pve AoE abilities - Which to use and when?

    Hello MMO-C. Again I'm in the need of help regarding aoe situations.

    I simply dont know how to master this. Several sites claim different things. Some say I shall not use WW while others say I shall?

    I have made these 3 macros:

    #showtooltip Cleave
    /cast [stance:1] Berserker Stance
    /cast Deadly Calm
    /cast Cleave
    /cast Sweeping Strikes

    #showtooltip Thunder Clap
    /cast [stance:3] Battle Stance
    /cast Thunder Clap
    /cast Cleave

    #showtooltip Whirlwind
    /cast [stance:1]Berserker Stance
    /cast Whirlwind
    /cast cleave
    /cast Deadly Calm
    /cast Cleave
    /cast Sweeping Strikes

    Can someone help me out here when to use certain abilities?

    My opner is this:

    Charge > Rend > TC > SS > Cleave > MS > OP > Slam > Bladestorm

    Thanks in advance.

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    If you want bigger numbers, drop the cleave from your bars right now. I don't even find it to be that much of a dps boost unless you waste a major glyph for it - and it still is a minor, as without the stacking fury talent it will hit like a wet noodle. When you start with an opener, try popping up SS before you TC, since you'll get TC applied twice.

    And for some funny numbers, always use SS with deadly calm combo, and spam with MS/OP/SLAM+HS after hitting TC up, and use Recklessness only with the bladestorm when you want bigger numbers and can't SS+DC. Also fit a colossus there if you think the mobs will be up for more than few seconds, since it helps to double amount of the sweeping strike abuse on 2 targets (all the damage you do to your primary target will be reflected to then next one as "normal damage"). I still remember killing one of the adds on magmaw all by myself on 25man since execute critted 200k in a row for few times -> add died instantly *oops*

    I would never use macros where you cast sweeping strikes with some abilities, It would be better to use it binded on its own, and just to use it at the right time, since it's off the GCD. Actually I don't use any aoe macros at all, and will still only lose to a demo lock doing +200k dps on some aoe trash. :P
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    SS+Bladestorm doesn't work anymore? :O

    If it does, reck+SS+storm <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by eErike View Post
    SS+Bladestorm doesn't work anymore? :O

    If it does, reck+SS+storm <3
    BS + SS hasn't work in many many patches, got fixed in late wotlk. BS + SS only causes 1 extra hit from SS to go off per whirlwind (7 targets being BS with SS = 8 hits per second)

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    Bladestorm..? Sweeping Strikes..?
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    This what you shoud do on 2-4 NPC

    SS>DC>normal rotation with Cleaves > BS after DC end and you had spend rage

    If there are more then 5 after SS end you shoud as well do WW and TC

    IF you have meny adds in short time ( like Rag p2 or Occurath) then you shoud use BS+SS becous you wont have any other ocasion to use SS alsow if there are realy lot of them and you want to own in DPS use Relcessness , DPS to Boss will be lower becous you used it to AoE buy overal DPS will bie higer

    And last think dont forgot about Herois Leap , its free and out of GCD and it hit for same damage as HS so it awsom to AoE and Single target
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    I can see that the top world players on world of logs ARE using cleave and whirlwind?
    Wonder how and when they use it in their rotation?

    Hmm.. That's what I am asking for.

    I want to do as much damage / DPS as possible and what from I can tell I need to use whirlwind.

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    hmmmm anyone?

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