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    resto druid pvp viability?

    Hey guys, my Druid alt is about to ding 85. And I am planning on 1 feral pvp spec and 1 resto spec. I don't do a lot of raiding as I tend to concentrate more on pvp. And I was wondering how good resto was in RBGs/arena. Or if I should just keep my resto spec for pve dungeon and raid runs. When I play on my ele shaman in RBGs when looking to fill the group for healers we usually try for as many pallys as we can get and fill the rest with resto shamies or priest, never really druids. So I was just wondering if there was a reason for that. Thanks for the input.

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    Resto is definitly the worst pvp healing spec for arena right now. Especially if you are new to it.

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    Well, let's put it this way, here's what made RDruid strong in S2/3:

    - highest mobility
    - best instant heals and HoTs
    - best CC
    - versatility through Prowl, Feral Charge, ...

    Now, our weaknesses have always been:

    - very low passive and active Defense
    - very vulnerable to switches
    - weakest direct heals

    What has changed about our strengths:

    - highest mobility is now RShaman
    - every other healer got major buffs on their instant heals, we are no longer the strongest in this regard
    - HoTs in general have been nerfed severely
    - Cyclone was nerfed multiple times
    - Prowl was nerfed (only Ferals have viable stealth now)
    - Feral Charge was removed (only Ferals have access to it now)
    - ToL (which has always been a shitty PvE concept) was turned into even more of a shitty PvE ability
    - Bear Form defense received major nerfs
    - Every other class (not just healers) got tons of new overpowered abilities, we got... Efflorescence

    What has changed about our weaknesses:

    - defense is still shit
    - even more vulnerable to switches because Lifebloom is now limited to one target and Regrowth can no longer be used to pre HoT
    - direct heals have improved a bit, but are still far, far worse than those of any other healer


    tl;dr: RDruid is currently a PvE spec, and even there it's the only healer that has basically nothing but pure healing and we're getting nerfed because stupid players think that healing meters matter (and defensive cooldowns don't).
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    viability in arenas? terrible.

    viability in RBGs? Mediocre. You can get out a crap ton of heals, if you can stay alive long enough, and stampede can be useful for FCs, or for novas (if you talent it). And cyclone is still awesome.

    You will generally do OK against casters, but any melee will eat you alive. Glyph of the treant is almost a necessity because nothing screams "come kill me I'm squishy" like the broccoli tree form. It might just be me, but sadly I have to use all of the supposedly offensive CD's just to survive sometimes. ToL can be a lifesaver if you are getting trained, and a NS+Cyc can get you some decent breathing room when melee are getting on you.

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    Resto's are weak in PVP atm and you'll always perform worse than other classes.

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    I think how terrible Resto Druid PvP is right now is way under the radar. The only people that know it as fact are people that play the class, or have high arena/rbg experience. Most people laugh at me when I say Resto Druid pvp sucks now. In rbg's you are usually the first target because how fast you will die and arena play is extremely weak right now. As mentioned above, there are some strategies to keep melee off of you and to make survival attempts, but in rated pvp situations it's rarely 1v1. Can't do that while stunned/silenced seems to spend too much time on my screen. I quit PvP shortly after s11 started.

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