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    [Book (In Process)] Age of Sel'Khaos

    Hey everyone
    I'm an aspiring amateur writer that is currently working on a Warcraft related fan tale. It's named "Age of Sel'Khaos" and it centers around an Old God that caused the largest amount of chaos azeroth has ever experienced.

    This is a short fan-story of a Azeroth universe with a twist. Instead of the world being beautiful, vibrant and full of colors. It is now a barren wasteland with only two lush forest in the entire planet: Elwynn Forest and Serenity Sanctuary (formerly Ashenvale). The great beast responsible for this great cataclysm is Sel'Khaos an Old God that usually refers to himself as "the Victorious" one of the small amount of Old Gods that have not been defeated in their physical forms.

    There's an elite group of survivors who call themselves the S.E.I.R P.R which stands for Sel'Khaos' Extermination Inter Racial and Planetary Resistance or Seir for short and they live and fight for one thing, the death of Sel'Khaos. The leaders of the resistance will be shown in previews throughout the days.
    You can check out the first two sections of the first chapter here.

    Thanks for reading up on it and clicking this link.
    (Forgive me is this a way of self-advertisement and agaisnt the rules. If a moderator believes this isn't allowed I will voluntarily delete it)

    Preview of Section 1, Chapter 1 "Day of Demise"

    The world torn asunder. These are grave times for the future of Azeroth and while a great amount of heroes have lost hope for a future. The Seir works to reestablish that hope and prosperity. They are a group of resistance agents that work to reestablish the peace in our world. The Seir Council is the elite within their ranks.They all have one goal in mind and that is the extermination of Sel’Khaos and his five fearless lieutenants Serenci, Al’gorth, Ar’gorth, N’zoth and Malek-Seir.

    Today is Hindlesday, Octaibre 5th otherwise known as the “Day of Demise” started out as a peaceful day. The town was celebrating Brewfest, the international and interracial holiday celebration for the love of alcohol and relaxation. While the town was cheering and celebrating the ground trembled. Then the physical form of chaos came amuck; Sel’Khaos was the beast’s name. No one could explain what or who it was. On that day, Sel’Khaos destroyed half of the population of Azeroth and became known as the first in the list of terrible threats to the planet.
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    I don't mean to be mean, but is English your first language? The reason I ask is that your grammar is quite poor. Again, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but constructive criticism is still criticism and many people take it the wrong way.

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