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    Highly doubtful at launch since it's not important, but training dummies might be added further on in a content patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elyoric View Post
    Hopefully not; why try and repeat play styles and concepts in a previous game when you can develop new ones? Do you want to keep doing the same thing in ToR that you've been doing in WoW for the past however many years? I'm not looking for a new WoW (right now), I'm looking for a new MMO.
    If you want a new type of MMO you're looking at the wrong game. Bioware has said from the start that this will play the same way as traditional MMOs, and there won't be any major differences at all. That's how they want the game to be, and that's how they try to sell the game. I suggest you look in the direction of Guild Wars 2 if you want a game that tries to change the MMO genre.

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    At some point sure. Not that I care that much for it since It's not a gamebreaking issue.
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    yeh but lava is just very hot water

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    If BW doesn't include combat logging in the game they will lose a good chunk of people who will be attempting hard mode content.

    Through the leveling process its not a big deal. Flashpoints and entry level operations, optional really. Hard mode content? Combat log parsing and analysis is pretty essential to a raid leader/ organizer.

    I would be amazed if the game goes live without combat logging.

    OT: Training dummies are nice but not necessarily required, combat logging functionality is. It would be nice to see a nice spin on traditional training dummies, like fighting a holographic image of yourself, or a droid or such. A stationary thing that you beat on does not feel star warsy to me at all.

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    THey have done combat logging in every other game afaik, so cant believe they wont do it for tor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangomah View Post
    THey have done combat logging in every other game afaik, so cant believe they wont do it for tor
    Agreed, hans't been confirmed yet, and i dont think anyone has asked it in a QnA yet, for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zalgren8725 View Post
    Weren't there droids that Jedi would use to practice deflecting bolts back at? I think so...
    yeah, that's what the training droid from the CE is it's a little orb thingy that floats about doing..... something.

    As for the idea of Sparring with companions, that would be awesome would make it good for tanks/healers as well, as Tanks would be able to see how long they can survive under various levels of attack ('No lets take it easy today' 'I want a bit of a workout' 'Try to kill me, with everything you have!' or maybe have different companions able to spar, offering different styles of attack. I.E for Sith Inqs you could spar with the HUGE force eater guy for large damage etcetc) and healers would be able to see how long they can keep up healing under the same conditions.

    it would make total sense for the Jedi/Sith chars too, as (correct me if I'm wrong) they all have some kind of 'Padawan/apprentice' char, and what better way to train your lil noobie that to kick seven shades of shit out of them? As for the non force users, I'm sure BW can swing it :P.
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    Why do people keep comparing WoW to ToR?! Of course there is going to be similarities.... it would be stupid of ANY MMO to not borrow at least some concepts from a game as successful as WoW... What I think the biggest issue is, will Bioware be able to adapt swtor over the years to make it evolve away from WoW...... I believe they will be able to... I accept and in fact welcome the similarities to WoW to begin with, everyone's gotta start somewhere and any of you remember the "EQ Clone" stuff that was going around before WoW was released?..... thought not..

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    I really hope they'll have!
    I'll playing a tanking class but will probably level up a dps class some time later and I really like to test my rotations.

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    Don't worry. There are training dummies in TOR. Thats as much as can be said without breaking any NDA

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    Quote Originally Posted by renegadeimp View Post
    Don't worry. There are training dummies in TOR. Thats as much as can be said without breaking any NDA
    Pretty sure you already broke it not that I'm complaining.
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    I disregard any comments about any MMORPG with raids "not being about priority systems and numbers".

    Seriously, for any high-end raider numbers are the most important part of gameplay and will always be. Really, the meta-game in WoW has for me and sooooo many others been for the last two years the game of rankings on WoL. It's the fun in it for a lot of people. I really wish they add a recount into the game instead of relying on dodgy addons which you have to update between patches, sometimes doesn't work with pets etc.

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