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    Arms or Fury(TG) for Raggy reg?

    As the title says, which would be better? My guild already has killed Rag reg, pretty much now on farm mode I would like to pull better numbers honestly :P. But yeah is arms better considering the adds?

    Edit: Might aswell change the question to which fights favor arms, wether they are heroic or not XD
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    Since the change on WW hitting everything in range I believe fury is superior to arms even on heavy AoE fights even though you don't directly benefit from your mastery when using that ability.
    (assuming I'm right about that WW thing. I haven't played warrior for a while now - dps that is)
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    None of the fights really favor arms over fury. Rhyolith does a tiny bit if you can use Sweeping Strikes on cooldown but that can be risky. It may also be worth it on Rag depending on your strategy for the Elementals (and how long they stay alive). Blood and Thunder + Bladestorm can do some hefty damage to the Molten Elementals (though you can only use Bladestorm every other set).

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, Arms also (typically) has Throdown, which is nice for the Sons of Flame.
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    Arms can be better considering adds AND the fact that overpower can't be parried

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsu View Post
    Arms can be better considering adds AND the fact that overpower can't be parried
    This. Have leap and bladestorm ready for the seeds, sweeping strikes the Scions.
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    I guess that answers my questions, sadly only rag would find use of arms, plus I didn't even think of throwdown for the sons of flame xD

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