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    Question about my fury dps

    Hello fellow warriors,

    I'm a prot warrior in our guild, but i find myself having to go fury offspec more and more.
    At first i didn't mind my low dps that much since i just blamed my gear being bad, but now i have "decent" gear and i'm still doing around 25k on dummies like Occuthalar and Baleroc.

    I'll try and upload a log later so u might be able to see what I'm doing wrong in my rotation, but for now could any of you perhaps take a look at my armory and see if your seeing any major flaws?

    Any help would be really appreciated

    Greets Optii


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    Only minor things on the gear really.
    -Ring hasent been reforged, but you've done your other stuff correctly as far as i can tell so assuming its just new or you've overlooked it. Same with your thrown.
    -Bit of a personal preference but most warriors i know prefer 1/2 in booming voice for timing the 2set with CS.
    -Drop the purple gem in your shoulders, use a 40str gem. 10crit rating is not worth the str loss.
    -According to landsoul, Essence (the rep trinket) beats apparatus. I'm assuming your revered, probably worth picking up.
    The 1 minute cooldown works lines up well with your other CDs.

    Was going to say reforge your helm to crit and get the expertise off an item with crit alreaddy on it, but then realised there weren't any other items you could do so on.
    If you could get the tier legs that would solve alot i think, since they have crit / exp. And being available for valor would help. But i don't know if your done buying Prot stuff for points yet.

    I could only find a log of you dps'ing domo, with seemingly a different tactic than i'm used to using, and i'm rubbish at analysing logs anyway so i'll leave that for someone else.

    eww at being a gnome though:3
    And not sure mining is the best of choices, having it on an alt would be preferable if you need it for the gold. But that's a decent bit of effort. More so if you have no alt for it:P
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