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    How many will quit wow for SWTOR? (POLL)

    As the headline says: How manny will quit wow for SWTOR?

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    It's not like you're going to get any nonbiased poll by making this in the SWTOR forum. But I've already quit WoW.

    And where's the poll :S
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    .....wheres the poll???? and yeah I will quit wow for SWTOR just to try out. Although I havent decided as to go on to play the game. From what I have seen so far, its gonna be good. Endgame is a later thing. If people are complaining that Bioware should focus on endgame, think again. Coz there has to be atleast say around 40% of the subscribers should have a lvl 50 character.

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    Already quit, just waiting on swtor. :P

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    For me, WoW's taking a back seat; my Horde guildies have already said they'll be retiring from raiding as soon as it comes out. Some are outright quitting, others are just saying "meh, I'll pick it up when I'm not busy with TOR", heh.

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    cancelled my wow sub a few days ago, its running out on the 24th of this month.. gonna have to find something else to do til release

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    It depends. Currently, I'm really bored of WoW, but if they hype up a new expansion and it looks good, I'll probably pick it up. I'll never quit SWTOR for WoW though.

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    I've been playing the beta this weekend.

    It won't make me cancel my wow subscription that's for sure.

    Will I buy it? I'm not sure.
    Would I buy it if there was no monthly fee? Yea I would.

    Feels like I'm playing KOTOR single player, but with the possibility of playing it with other people.
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    Cancelled WoW because I was sick of some people in my Guild and couldn't be bothered to find another. Was always planning on getting SWTOR.

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    Would probably say 500k-1mil. Might still be a little high.

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    I'm sticking with WoW for the following reasons:
    1. I still enjoy WoW
    2. TOR doesn't look like it's doing anything different from WoW, or at least, not enough to make me want to switch over.
    3. All my friends still play WoW
    4. I play on RP servers, and hate SW lore. So, I won't find my RP fix over there.

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    I am quitting WoW for SWTOR. Sadly, 4.3 would be the patch of a lifetime for me but it won't be enough to keep me away from SWTOR. Nothing can keep me away from it.
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    I will not quit WoW, at least not right away. If my guild decides to switch games, then I'll quit WoW, but for the first few months I'll simply have both active.

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    Who is Manny and why are we voting how he will quit?

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    I quit WoW before Cata came out, and it was not because of TOR. I just didn't like the game anymore, and after 5-6 years of playing it's not that hard to get tired of it. If however I would presumly still play WoW I would certainly freeze my account again come december.

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    I stopped playing WoW some time ago. I was never really a "WoW player"; I'd play it for a few weeks then let it go for a few months, rinse and repeat. I'll probably stop in again. (But there's a lot of console games to fill in the time before SWTOR, so maybe not).

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    cancelled my sub 2 months ago; I've been playing on and off since the beginning of the year (friends quit after wotlk, Cata did not deliver), and finally I cancelled for good.

    I needed a break from MMOs in general to prepare for another months-long playing binge in SWTOR

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    Since I already cancelled my sub a few months ago it will be pretty hard for me to cancel it again for SWTOR. :P

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    I have basically already quit WoW for SWTOR's beta. The only reason I still log in to WoW at all is because I am my guild's MT and they still want to raid...

    I don't understand why they still care about Firelands, but I can't bring myself to fuck them over by not showing up.

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    Cancelled my sub. Twiddling my thumbs waiting for RDR GoTY Edition so I can kill time on that.

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