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    Balance druid help.

    Balance druid in our guild. His dps seems lower since he got gear from last week. Here is a log. Any suggesstions?


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    Try posting in the "Fix my Balance DPS" thread

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    Well, that's a terrible log to link. He died, so that's obviously going to skew the numbers. Even before his death, he saw your offtank die, and his numbers dropped as Riplimb came after him. After the Rez, he got no rebuffs, but his damage after that point was still lower than it should be. I'd assume he was shaken from dying, and not playing at 100%, because before he died, he was pulling much more DPS.

    However, he also has low DoT uptime (which is probably due to his death), 16% of his damage is on Riplimb (which is bad for two reasons: Target switching can hurt Moonkin, and most guilds don't kill Riplimb in heroic), and honestly, his gems make him look like he has no idea what he's doing.

    Make sure he's using a predictive eclipse bar addon, have him scan a sticky to fix his gems (and see if there's anything else he learns), and come back with a real log that someone more qualified than me can properly analyze.

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    One weak of bad dps can happen to any one... Lags, headache, somone/something discrating him, bad timing on porcs or ton of other stuff. And like Tiredtofu said he did die on shanox, on lord his dps is ok and alystrazor was a wipie fiesta and its hard to say anything from those atempts.
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