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    Body Type

    So far we've seen up to 4 body types I believe. I've seen short, tall, fat, and buff. Dunno if there's any others and this should be safe to discuss. What body type that you've seen so far will you pick?

    For me it goes as such:

    Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior: Tall
    Jedi Consular/Sith Inquisitor: Tall
    Trooper/Bounty Hunter: Buff
    Smuggler/Imperial Agent: Short or Tall

    From the types you've seen, which will you pick for your class?
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    JK/SW: Hot Girl
    JC/SI: Hot Girl
    Trooper/BH: Hot Girl
    Smuggler/IA: Hot Girl.

    That was hard .

    In all seriousness I've never thought about this question before.

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    i'm always a fan of the medium build. the smallest build always looks anorexic, and the biggest build always look like they are either going nuts with the steroids or have gained a ton of weight.
    so ya medium build for all my characters.

    EDIT: although! i would love a HUGE chiss IA for the lols.

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    Most of my people, I'd want them to be skinny and tall, the buff models from what I've seen in pics just seem to fat or top heavy with skinny legs.

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    I'll definatly make a fatty with the same name I have here on MMO.
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    BH: fat
    IA: fat
    SI/Consular: Ever seen a fat female Twi'lek?

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    From what I've seen the "fat" females do not look all that fat.

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    I'll most likely have a tall Jedi Knight. Not sure what else I'll do.
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    Not sure about height, but my sit warrior/inquisitor will be fat or buff for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zarasthura View Post
    BH: fat
    IA: fat
    SI/Consular: Ever seen a fat female Twi'lek?
    yup, its ether a fat women cosplaying or

    a Twi'lek in a mermaid costume so fat when you see them they actually look like a Hutt

    j/k XP
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    I will probably always choose tall and only sometimes short.

    I wouldn't play buff because it is typically unbelieveable rediculously macho meathead idiot and I would have no respect for my own character. I probably wouldn't ever choose fat unless I was making a joke character because again, it would be hard to respect a fat character.

    If short is like only "less then average" short then I would probably choose that sometimes if the character is not stubby especially if the tall character is oddly lanky.

    Basically if there is an "average" or "regular" type I would choose that and just do facial features to my liking.

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    My jedi knight will be buff if the model isn't TOO buff. So he can be a Gentle Giant. With a lightsaber.

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    A body designed around moderation. I'm a JS so I'll be built like a lightsaber swinging swordsman.
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    If I was to make a Jedi Guardian for tanking purposes I would definately have to go the heavyset dark skinned islander type.
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    Does anyone know of some pictures of the different body types of human females?

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    female types

    There is literally no difference in the female types other than slight height differences, Junktotrunk ratio, and bra size.

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    Fat male Twi'lek look awesome!

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    I'm probably going buff on my commando, that cannon has to be heavy, ya know? It may change when I get a chance to play with the character creation and the buff type looks silly, if I'm not mistaken though, the trooper in the Taral V video had the buff body, and he looked awesome, when I saw and heard him talk was the moment I decided to be a commando.

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    oooooo a hutt! are they new?

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